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I do love a bit of alliteration. Can’t help myself. But that’s a side note – this post is a little round up of some perfect palettes that are well worth adding to your collection. If of course you’re short of a palette in the stash. I am not short of a palette as I tend to have a tendency to hoard palettes like they will be my lifeline if the world ends. Which of course they aren’t. But they can be super handy for travel. Plus they’re pretty to look at. Which is reason enough for me.


So what makes a perfect palette? Well, that’s pretty subjective. The palettes I’ve pulled together for this post are all about the shades included. All in the ‘everyday’ wearable family of shades. With a good dose of neutrals and a few little twists. From warmer colours with more red or orange tones or purple-ish shades. Of course the number one thing has to be that the pigment is decent with silky smooth application to make applying and blending a breeze.

I had the idea for this little round up when I was having my New Year clear out recently. When it dawned on me that the palette stash was without a doubt the hardest one to narrow down. So it got me thinking what did I most love about a palette? What makes me want to hoard them all…and how can I be more ruthless getting rid of some?!

One of my most-worn palettes is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Palette. The little round palette is a nice alternative just in shape and packaging. With eight shades inside, each a good size and in the ‘netural’ spectrum. But with a couple of twists of purple/lilac type tones too. It means you can vary from the every day champagne to a deeper smokey eye easily. Plus it’s pretty. The palette here is limited edition but I know a new 2.0 version has launched into Sephora so I suspect the same might make it across the pond to QVC UK soon….

NARSissist Palette

Another brand that always gives good palette is NARS. In both blusher/cheek shades and eyeshadow camps. So I’ve picked out two of those to include here. These are both NARSissist palettes – one for cheeks and one for eyes. The NARSissist range is one that keeps releasing new variations on these  palette concepts. This is the NARSissist Cheek Studio and the NARSissist L’Amour Eye Palette. The cheek one has seven shades – including a larger sized Laguna and a selection of cheek colour and highlight/contour shades. The eye palette is a great all rounder. If you’re trying to cut down your collection this is still a keeper as it covers from matte to shimmer and light to dark. Covering all bases really.

Zoeva Warm Spectrum Palette

Another palette that made its way to the ‘keepers’ pile was the ZOEVA Warm Spectrum Palette. Featuring 15 shadows in the warm but netural (ish) family. There were a couple that made me to heart-eyes-emoji straight away. But the collection of colours in this is just gorgeous. A few ‘safe’ ones and a few more different tones too. Keeping things wearable but interesting. Zoeva has the most silky smooth shadows too.

Estee Lauder Sultry Nudes Palette

Last but by no means least, the latest palettes from Estee Lauder. With a Sultry Nude version and a Smokey Nights version too if you fancy going a tad more moody with your eye look (both available from Harrods). For me, the Sultry Nude is a winner. With fourteen shades that again span the matte and shimmer spectrum and take you from dark to light. It’s just a good palette that doesn’t waste space on anything but shadows. Personal favourites being the rose gold toned and bronze shades. Gorgeous.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In a Palette

Last but by no means least is a beauty from Charlotte Tilbury – the Instant Look in a Palette -that covers all the basics from face to eyes. Compact and simple. It gives you just what you need to do it all. Which makes it ideal for travel. Plus it has a good sized mirror. Ideal if you end up in a situation where lighting/mirror situation isn’t in your favour. They just launched the second version of this palette with some cooler toned shadow. But the original (shown here) is my favourite of the two. Simply down to the eyeshadow shades.

What makes the perfect palette to you? Simply down to the shades or looking at the packaging and overall package? Or do you stick to single shades or custom palettes?

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