Models Own Chrome New Shades {Beauty}

I am partial to a metallic nail polish. I know some aren’t keen as they do tend to lean towards the side of nail shades that show up every brush stroke. But I love them – just enough shine/shimmer without needing to resort to glitter. I’m hopeful that one day a true chrome shade will be created – you know that almost mirror like chrome finish?! How awesome would that be?! But until that time we have a lovely selection of Models Own Chrome nail shades that are all various metallic versions of different shades.

Models Own Chrome New Shades

The five shades here are:

Chrome Grey – dark metallic grey

Chrome Turquoise – a blue metallic shade

Chrome Copper – metallic orange/copper shade

Chrome Pearl – silvery metallic

Chrome Red – pink red metallic

All five of the shades offer that silky smooth metallic colour. When you first apply the colour looks a little streaky and shows the brush strokes. But they all sort of ‘settle’ to create a smooth colour.

The only shade I’m a little let down by is the pearl – it’s a lovely silver but the pearl element is a little lost on me! It’s the only one that doesn’t quite match up with the bottle colour so can see how you might not be too happy if I bought it thinking it would be a match to the bottle.

My favourite shade would be the grey though. You know. All grey anything!

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  1. Claire
    December 14, 2015 / 10:35 pm

    As a fellow nail varnish junkie I’m loving these ! The copper one is perfect for my Christmas night out outfit…heading to asos right now

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