Sunday ramble 2016 2

So this is going live a little late… I wrote most of it on Sunday then got distracted and realised I didn’t hit publish. Ooops. But here we go is a slightly late Sunday ramble… It’s that time of the week again. Bath and pamper done. House is relatively (give or take) tidy, emails are being caught up with and I feel like it’s a good time for a little ponder on the blog about the week just gone and the week ahead. The two biggest things on my mind lately are health/fitness and blogging anxiety. Not necessarily my own when it comes to the blog topic, but in general – within the blogging community. But before I get on to that, a little about health/fitness.



I’ve talked a bit about how over the last year fitness and health has been bottom of my list of priorities. Now, in 2016 I want to make it a priority again and get feeling good about myself and in my clothes again. So in December I joined a gym and have started to try and make it part of my routine. I’m trying to focus on getting cardio fitness back a bit in January with running and general fitness above any weights/toning type stuff with the plan being to start working with a personal trainer once or twice a week from the end of the month onwards to really try and get in shape. I’ve only had a couple of PT sessions in my life so am very new to this and not totally sure what I’m looking for – someone who will push me but not annoy me.

Twitter Chats

On Sunday I sort of accidentally started to get involved in the #lbloggers twitter chat. When I say accidentally I don’t mean I didn’t mean to get involved, I just mean I didn’t go on to twitter planning to join – I just saw a few tweets and decided to pipe up with my opinion. Not necessarily something I make a habit of doing normally. But this is something I think I will make a point of doing more – not piping up with my opinion as such, just making an effort to get involved in Twitter chats. I think it’s a great way to really get involved with the blogging community and discover new blogs to read. Hopefully with quite a few years of blogging under my belt I have something to offer… who knows?! But if you know of any good Twitter chats then do let me know as would love to get involved!

Blogging Anxiety

I’ve been seeing a lot of this lately and think I need to gather my thoughts a bit and share them properly in a separate post. Lots of stuff I want to say. Just need to make sure it doesn’t come across as total waffle. So stay tuned for a dedicated post on this soon.

This week I have been mostly ….

Listening to: Elle King Ex’s & Oh’s – LOVE this song. Love the video. Now want my own little turquoise caravan. And a hot dog.

Eating: Pizza Express – rekindled my love for this place with a little lunch trip last week. SO good. Only once, not eating it all week, promise.

Wearing: Gym kit or my new over the knee boots from Ted & Muffy. More on these this week.

Doing: Blogging! Been really enjoying all aspects of blogging this week – and getting into Twitter chats and things a bit more.

Mission for next week… Keep on the blogging bandwagon, take lots of photos. Snapchat (I’m beautyjunkieldn on there if you want to follow what I’m getting up to!)



  1. January 18, 2016 / 5:23 pm

    Great post Jen, my priority for 2016 is to lose weight so last week I joined Weight Watchers, feeling so motivated, determined and ready to do it this year. Good luck with your fitness program.

  2. jasmine
    January 18, 2016 / 7:47 pm

    This was lovely post to read Jen! I loved seeing you in the Twitter chat and can’t wait to see you pop up in some more! It’s great to chat to you 🙂

    Jasmine | xx

  3. Chloe
    January 19, 2016 / 10:00 am

    This was lovely blog post to read

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