Video: February Favourites 2016

So, I technically did this video all ready to go live yesterday but then had a TOTAL fail and have had to re-upload it today (wrong clip went up… so if you were lucky to see that out take then you were in for a treat!) BUT then (hopefully) good news is that the actual, full video is up NOW and hopefully a few people might take a little look (and feel to subscribe if you don’t already). One of my goals for March is to upload 4 videos across the month – I have one already pre-filmed that I just need to edit and put live and three more in the works. The one that is coming is a homeware haul of a few bits from H&M Home and Primark plus a couple of random non-home items. So if you like home stuff, then you can keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Feb Faves Thumb

As always, really appreciate any suggestions of videos to make in future as plan to get more regular in doing these. The biggest thing for me and doing You Tube videos is that I want to do stuff I’m 100% comfortable doing – I’m never going to do some of the videos that are really popular for some people on there just because they’re popular, if they don’t feel like ‘me’ and something I’d normally do. So it’s a bit of a challenge to sort of ‘find your place’ in You Tube. But I do really enjoy the process of filming and editing – then it’s really fun to get the feedback when you do upload! SO mission for March – FILM VIDEOS!


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