Marc Jacobs Mascara

There was every chance that Marc Jacobs Beauty could be all style and no substance, but if you were to base the success of a whole beauty offering on one mascara… then I have good news for you, because this one is a bit of a game changer. If you like your lashes dark and dramatic then you’re going to need this one. It’s a good-un. This is the Marc Jacobs Mascara – which is just a snap shot of the range that is now available in Harrods.

Marc Jacobs Mascara

So the mascara is technically called the Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara, and this is the shade 10 Noir. The full name might be tad long winded, but it pretty much nails it – this mascara is VERY black and delivers major volume. The wand is a sort of soft hourglass with wider at either end and narrower in the middle. It works well to really grab those lashed  on the inner and outer corner. The formula is really impressive, quite possibly the most intense black I’ve seen. Seriously dark stuff.
Marc Jacobs Mascara

As per usual, I have the before and after shots to show you with before being totally make-up free and after having base makeup (foundation, concealer etc) plus the mascara… I’ll let you take a look and tell me what you think…


Just look at those lashes?! SO much volume – thick and intense black. I think I’m in love. If I was being *really* picky, the only downside is that they can veer slightly towards the spider lashes territory which is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you like your lashes thick and dramatic then this mascara is up there with the best. I’ve had a few issues with almost every mascara I’ve tried lately with smudging on the upper lid and this one did smudge a little on the lid but I’ve found primer plus a touch of translucent powder keeps that at bay.

If this is just a taste of the Marc Jacobs range then I am VERY interested to give more of it a whirl. I’ve tried a liner and nail colour I picked up in the US before but am definitely excited to try more from this beauty brand! The lip colours and eyeshadow palettes are currently top of my list.

Marc Jacobs Mascara * (aka Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara) is available from Harrods (£20)

*PR sample or gift


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