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I’m not usually one to really veer from my usual tried and tested make-up looks. Sure, I’ll occasionally go for a prink or red lip, or go a little smokier on the eye. But changing my make-up with trends just isn’t really something I do as often as I know I should. So it was a perfect timing from shopping centre group Intu who got in touch to see if I’d work with them on trying four of their Spring/Summer beauty trends that they’re showcasing on their site – giving each of them my own spin. This is what sold it for me as it meant I didn’t just have to wear whatever they said, but could take a trend and make it work for me. I’m a big believer in this and how any colour or trend CAN work, as long as you adapt for what suits you and you feel comfortable in. So here we have the final four trends to show you.

The four trends are:

  • Candy Apple Red Lips
  • Electric Blue Eyes
  • Bronze Goddess
  • Cool Girl Grunge

Each one has a how-to video on the Intu Inspire Me site – with each video shared below for you to take a peek. But a little over view on each one and then of course what my pick of the looks is… and what I’ll maybe be wearing most this SS 2016!

Candy Apple Red Lips

I do love a red lip, it can work wonders on even the most tired face! Instantly looking more together and polished. The shade I’m wearing here is Cherry Pop by Clinique and it’s my current favourite. Such a classic.To read some of my tips on how to wear Candy Apple lips check out post on the Intu Blog: Candy Apple Red Lips

Electric Blue Eyes

Blue is always a colour I’m a tad wary of and as much as I’m drawn to it in general, when it comes to make-up I tend to steer clear. But I actually loved this blue liner take on the trend, pairing with some black to give it that classic flick with a flash of colour. To see each other blogger do their own take on electric blue eyes check out the Electric Blue Eyes post.

Trend On Trial

Bronze Goddess

This is the one that was closest to my comfort zone, so I gave it a little twist with a brighter lip – a sheer bright pink – rather than going ALL bronze. When my skin was still looking very post-Winter pale this worked a bit better for my complexion. A few tips on getting that bronze look, without just going mad with the bronzer can be found HERE.

Cool Girl Grunge

I was torn on this between going smokey eye or bold lip but decided to go lips. I’m definitely having a bright lip moment over eyes. Rather than going for the toned down berry shade, I went for a blend of two – using a bright fucsia called Fire Bird from Urban Decay Gwen Stefani collection mixed with a more smokey purple from MAC called Men Love Mystery. Combined I get this bright purple sort of shade. I lined with the Fire Bird matching liner too so it didn’t go too crazy but did over line the lips to make them really stand out. For more on how to make the grunge trend work for you see the tips on the Intu Blog!

My favourite look of the four I tried? A tough one, as I have been really happy with my take on each. But I think it has to be the Cool Girl Grunge – going for a slightly brighter take on the purple lip plus lots of mascara just worked for me and I loved it. It seemed to be the one that went down best on Instagram too?! So by that technical measure, this was my favourite. Although I suspect Bronze Goddess will be most similar to my usual SS look as I am a sucker for a bronze look!

To see more from the Intu Inspire Me trends on trial including how-to and how other bloggers gave each look their own twist:

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  1. April 25, 2016 / 4:25 pm

    I agree! I believe we can all wear any makeup looks, as long as we know how to make it work for us! I really like the Candy Apple red lips, but, just as you, I also really like the Cool Girl Grunge look!

  2. April 27, 2016 / 6:59 pm

    I love the Electric Blue Eyes look! I need to stop sticking to the same black eyeliner and chose a brighter eyeline for a change x
    Louise |

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