Champneys Tring

I’ve talked before about how I love a salon or spa treatment, it’s probably one of my all time favourite things to do and a huge motivation behind why I started blogging. However I actually have only been on maybe one spa day? I’ve had treatments, but not spent a whole day at a spa doing the full spa day experience for a whole day. I’ve been to some lovely spas before, but usually just for a few hours. But when an invite arrived in my inbox from the famous Champneys Tring Spa, I jumped at the chance to enjoy a full day of dreamy spa goodness.

Champneys Tring

Champneys original spa is in Tring, Hertfordshire – about a 10 minute drive from the closes M25 junction so not too far outside of London. It offers both day and longer spa experiences and you can choose from a huge range of health and wellbeing treatments along with the usual spa pampering experiences too.

I was there to experience a package of treatments that are absolute perfect for getting you prepped for a holiday or even just a summer of getting your legs out and feeling that touch more confident. It included a full body scrub (one of my all time favourite treatments), a cold wrap to detox and aid slimming and ridding of toxins and presso therapy – an air/pressure massage of the hips and lower body to help with lymphatic drainage.

P6132374Champneys Tring

These leg-focussed treatments were then due to be followed with some more summer-grooming type treatments including a shape and paint for feet and hands, brow shape and spray tan. In amongst all of this I had windows where I could use the other facilities from pool, to relaxation rooms plus enjoy a delicious and healthy feeling lunch.

Previously when I’ve had the chance to enjoy a spa day, the timing hasn’t been quite right and it’s been at a time where I’ve had a lot on my mind or have had a lot of work hanging over my head which always meant I’ve been too switched on to switch off… if that makes sense! But for this, the timing couldn’t have been better. I’d taken part in a charity 5k run the day before and done it at a pretty speedy pace – which meant my legs were aching and feeling in need of some TLC. I also had a long haul flight and a few days holiday/fun ahead of me so ideal for a spot of pre-holiday grooming.




On the day, I did end up switching a couple of things around so I could accommodate things like switching to a gel manicure instead of mani/pedi – as I’d only recently had my feet done anyway. The staff at Champneys Tring were so accommodating when I wanted to make those few changes and adapt my schedule. In fact, from start to finish the staff were really helpful. From when I arrived and didn’t park in quite the right place so was looking lost one of the girls heading in for her shift stopped to ask if I was ok and if I needed directions. All very friendly and helpful. Which does help when at a spa, because they can be a tad daunting – especially when you’re there alone.

But at Champneys I felt really comfortable to just relax and enjoy myself – in between treatments that were in that perfect middle ground between functional ‘doing something’ and relaxing/pampering. I left feeling relaxed – but not too zonked out to drive – and refreshed. Plus my skin has never felt so soft. After doing the 5k run the day before it also was perfect to enjoy the leg treatment. At the start of the day they felt a bit heavy, but afterwards they we’re feeling a lot less achey.

I can imagine Champneys would be a lovely place to escape to for a weekend to enjoy more of the gorgeous grounds and maybe squeeze in some exercise along with the pampering!

For more information on Champneys Tring:

I was a guest of Champneys.



  1. June 16, 2016 / 3:35 pm

    My friend and I were saying recently we’d never done a whole spa day and we must book in somewhere! This looks absolutely beautiful, I might have to see if there’s one near East Sussex! Great review 🙂 x

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