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I’ve always associated beauty with confidence. Ever since I was at high school and I’d spend the day before going back to school after Summer ‘having a make-over’ (i.e using a sachet mask and wash out hair colour that was basically identical to my own hair colour or something…. To now, when I like to make sure I have my nails done before a big meeting. Or even getting my hair blow dried for a fancy event. There are certain beauty routines that – for me – are part of instilling confidence in myself. Products I can’t be without day-to-day (to the point that if I forget them, I’ve been known to stop off at a Boots and pick up a new one because I didn’t want to be without it for even a day)… so this post is all about beauty essentials for confidence!


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Treatments & products

Along with products there are certain treatments that I love and always walk out of a salon feeling ten times more confident than before. Getting my brows done, a bikini wax or my nails. Any sort of ‘grooming’ type treatment just makes me feel more polished and ready to face the world. Who knew something as simple as a brow shape can boost confidence?! But it certainly can! 

When it comes to day to day beauty I started thinking about my routine and the things I do every day that make me feel confident. Or the products I reach for that without them I really notice it and feel like something is missing. One – hand cream. Without hand cream I am lost and genuinely feel uncomfortable in myself. It Might sound like overkill to say hand cream gives me confidence, but for me it’s true. As someone who has suffered with seriously dry hands for as long as I can remember (when I was a teen they used to get so dry at times they would crack and bleed at times over the knuckles) I have become accustomed to always having hand cream within reach. As I sit at my desk I can see no fewer than three options for hand hydration within reaching distance. Without it I feel self-conscious and uncomfortable all day.

In the same sort of family, lip care. It’s another one I can’t live without. As with my hands, my lips are often chapped, sore and dehydrated. So having lip moisturisers and treatments close to hand is really important and makes such a difference to me. Back in January I mentioned that I’m working with lipivir® in 2017 to tell you all about it as a daily beauty solution for anyone who suffers from cold sores, plus it works a treat for adding a touch of extra hydration with its lightweight gel formula.

Banish beauty problems

The thing about beauty ‘problems’ such as chronically dry hands or cold sores or whatever your own personal issue, is that what seems like a small thing, suddenly becomes huge when it’s you. A cold sore can be physically small – but to the person suffering it feels like it’s taking over their face. Even when it’s only a small blemish that others may even be unaware of. In the same way for me with dry hands. It could easily be something nobody else would notice, but makes meeting people and shaking hands awkward and any time your hands are on show (which FYI – is pretty much always) you feel conscious of them. Hyper aware that people might be looking – thinking, how does this 30-something have old-lady hands. For me, prevention is the best way to deal with it. So I am very much in the routine of using that daily addition that makes me feel less uncomfortable and more confident in myself overall. One simple product that keeps the issue at bay and keeps my confidence up.

Confident lips

This is much like lipivir®, which is for anyone who suffers from cold sores. If you have them, then you know they can be a serious issue that happens time and time again. But imagine if you could add one simple product into your daily beauty routine and keep that issue away. Imagine how much more confident you could feel if you could avoid that tell-tale tingle of one due to pop up and ruin your day. The best part being that along with keeping cold sores away, it can help hydrate lips and can be used under make-up. The light texture means it doesn’t create a balm-like film in the same way that many lip products do, so you can go ahead and dial your confidence up to 10 with a bold lip.

That for me is the ultimate in beauty confidence. A bright pink or a bold red lipstick colour. Especially in a matte formula, as you need pretty flawless lips to feel totally ok with pulling that off. But me, I do love a bright lipstick, the easiest way to swipe on a slick of confidence and go. In case you’re wondering, the ultimate confidence zapper for me beauty wise? A liquid eyeliner flick – because 9 times out of 10 I will mess it up!

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