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Palm print & greenery is EVERYWHERE at the moment. Which must really suck if you don’t like a splash of greenery. But if – like me – you do, then this is amazing and you will be seeing things you want left right and centre. In my adventures online (i.e. online imaginary shopping) I’ve come across a few pieces I wanted to share as a bit of an inspiration post and a few pieces that you can pick up to add a bit of palm-goodness into your life.

palm print updated

Of course with a bold print like this you don’t have to go all over – so I’ve included a blend of more subtle ways to incorporate the trend in along with some of the bolder pieces that make more of a statement.

 If you want to go bold with the greenery trend you can try a statement green velvet sofa like the one from (£899) perhaps with a busy leaf print curtain from H&M (£19.99).

For more subtle nods to the trend you can pick out smaller pieces like the vase from Next (£18) or palm print covered candle from H&M (£6.99).  

Adding a palm print to your walls is probably the quickest and lowest maintenance way to add plant life to your home. Even the lease green fingered can handle a 2D image of a plant! This one is a favourite of mine via (£5.81 – print only) 
Other quick and easy ways to ‘green up your gaff’ include throw pillows. A smaller print means you can do so without it being overpowering and too in your face – so can be more a flash of colour that doesn’t date as quickly as a bold print might. Both (£25) and La Redoute (£9) have some fun options. Or you can add in your own little palm tree and have some fun with lighting. The palm print lamp from (£60) also comes in a floor lamp tall version. 

If you do go down the real-thing route and add actual plants to your home then don’t forget a watering can! H&M do a sleek black one for £17.99

Hope you like this post – feedback very welcome! Happy home shopping!

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