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I’ve been fortunate to do a fair chunk of travelling this year so far and one of the best bits (you know, beyond the whole ‘seeing fab places’ thing) has to be that I’m getting pretty pro at packing. Packing used to be an absolute nightmare for me and whilst I’m certainly not a natural at packing light, I have narrowed down a few travel beauty staples that are the products I feel like I need to have with me.


A deep conditioner

When I travel, pretty much anywhere (regardless of hot/sunny climate) I always travel with a deep conditioner. With my preference being one that looks after my hair colour too. Especially if it is a hot/sunny destination as the combination of flight, chlorine, sea and sun can strip a colour quicker than a tan can fade on the flight home. My current favourite go-to mask is the Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque* – perfect for both hydrating, protecting and brightening colour. I tend to switch this in the place of my regular conditioner.

Facial Suncreen

I always travel with a day to day sun screen and my favourite so far this year is the Ultrasun Tan Activator in SPF 30*. Depending where I travel I also use the SPF 50 Facial Suncreen from Ultrasun (i.e. I’m in California right now and opting for the SPF 50). But so far I’ve LOVED the Ultrasun Tan Activator range as find it really manages to protect but also to develop a tan – not something I tend to do all that speedily but this one definitely helps me feel like I have a glow but also with SPF to keep my skin safe.


Body Sunscreen (A selection!)

I tend to travel with a couple different SPF options so I can adapt, depending on weather conditions and how much time I’m spending outside. I also tend to opt for a selection of textures too – so I can opt for a spray or cream or oil depending what sort of situation I’m in (i.e. by a pool I’d opt for a thicker cream texture or walking around would be a spray that’s easy to re-apply on the go). Again, the texture/spf level varies depending on where I’m going and what the weather/activities will be like.

Current go-to sun protection products are:

Lancaster Sun Beauty Milk SPF 15 * – I switched to this after I ran out of the Ultrasun Tan Activator (another favourite) as it promises a similar result in terms of supporting a little bit of glow-getting whilst protecting from the burn.

Coola SPF 30 Pina Colada Spray * (not shown) – One this smells amazing (and I’m a sucker for turquoise packaging too). It’s one of those easy to apply invisible sprays so it’s perfect for every day application and easy to add more on the go. Oh and it smells of Pina Colada – did I mention that?! SO good.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sun Cream Body Spray SPF50+ * (not shown) – A lightweight lotion but with a power SPF protection to go with it. This is one if I’ll be out in the sun all day, where the sun is especially intense – say heading on boat trip or something where there’s a proper risk of burning.



An all-rounder hydrating product

I love to have a product to hand when travelling which is a good all-rounder for hydration. Something intense is perfect for flight de-hydrated skin, be it face, hands or cuticles. I’ve been obsessed with the latest addition to the Clinique Moisture Surge range – the Clinique Moisture Surge Supercharged Concentrate*. A light gel texture that immediately hydrates skin better than the average moisturiser – it’s incredible. If you have dry skin then I really recommend this – it fits that place of taking a full mask type product on a flight. Then day to day when away it’s a treat as an after sun or a night hydrator. Another classic to travel with is a mini sized Elizabeth Arden Eight Our Cream – perfect for those dryer spots of lips/cuticles.

Waterproof Mascara

Another product I always take away with me is a waterproof mascara. Current go-to is the Clinque High Impact Waterproof Mascara*. Even if I’m not swimming, a waterproof mascara doesn’t smudge onto eyelids in the same way as a regular mascara so it’s handy when maybe somewhere with more humidity can exaggerate any smudging issues!


Products with * provided as PR samples.


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