Living the blonde life in LA

I know bloggers having photo shoots is pretty much the norm now – but for me, it’s really not. At best I’ll get a mate to snap a few photos if I’m out and about and don’t hate my outfit and spot an interesting backdrop. But a photo shoot? Definitely out of the ordinary for me – and out of my comfort zone! But what better prep for having some photos taken than getting your hair coloured and styled into blonde perfection? Well, the only step better than that is having your hair coloured and styled into blonde perfection in one of the coolest salons in LA…then having the photo shoot on the surrounding streets in LA-cool type locations. See, told you this was out of the ordinary.


If you read my post about my trip to LA with salon haircare brand Joico (you can read it HERE) then you will already know I had a pinch-me long weekend in Hollywood-land with the brand and it really was incredible. A group of amazing other blogger girls from across Europe all coming together for a weekend of fun and fabulous hair. The cherry on top? The day in the salon getting our hair done. I’ve honestly never had such a fun and relaxed hair experience in a salon. Mare salon, where we were for our blonde-life make-overs is co-owned by Joico Celeb Colorist, Denis De Souza – located in super-cool West Hollywood. Denis is the man behind the fabulous hair colours of an endless list of celebs including Mila Kunis, Kristin Wiig, Brie Larson, Lily Collins… the list is endless!


Before my Joico Blonde Life Makeover


After my Joico Blonde Life Makeover

After my Joico Blonde Life Makeover

Denis and his amazing team (my hair colour was taken care of by the fabulous Sergio Garcia & looked after us all, taking care of our colour and styling whilst we mooched around the gorgeous salon (it was opened privately just for the group on the day so we had a free run of the place!) so we could sit out and enjoy the LA sunshine in the leafy courtyard or we could enjoy the air-con from inside! The salon colour process was created using the Joico blonde-life range to get that perfect-platinum shade that I was after. I am definitely turning into a blonde-aholic, I can never be too blonde in my opinion!  The more blonde the better!

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The photos from the post-hair makeover and taken by the insanely & lovely talented Dirk Alexander – and without sounding all ego or anything, but they might just be the favourite photos I’ve ever had taken of myself. I’m SO happy with them (this is rare for someone who is hyper-critical of any photos of myself).


Post Joico make-over with Denis & Sergio

Post Joico make-over with Denis & Sergio


The other Joico girls were from all over Europe – you can check each of them out if you’re curious… going from left to right in the image at the top above: Danielle LoveElina Neumann, Me!, Cath Heienberg, Kim Ahrens, Tiany Kiriloff, & Kicki Burman

Thank you to Dirk Alexander for the fab photo skills – check out his other work:

For more information on the Joico Blonde Life range:

FYI This post is NOT sponsored – I was a guest of Joico for the duration of LA trip.



    • Jen
      August 8, 2017 / 5:22 pm

      Thank you! I absolutely LOVE my hair colour and the dress is from Topshop!

  1. August 8, 2017 / 9:59 am

    You look gorgeous Jen! x

  2. Christine Hargrove
    August 8, 2017 / 9:26 pm

    Love you super blonde in that blue dress Jenny! You look gorgeous.

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