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Style/fashion blogging is very much NOT my specialty, but that doesn’t mean I have no interest in style. I remember a few years ago I started to dip my toe into the world of outfit or style blogging and someone commented questioning that what I had posted ‘counted’ as an outfit. At the time my reaction was a cross between laughing it off and a little bit of a sting. The reason it amused me was that I was always under the impression that any combination of clothes counts as an outfit. I guess that’s where I come from with style and fashion – I think everyone has their own style and whilst mine probably won’t make the pages of a magazine anytime soon there will always be people out there who can relate to a simple approach to summer style.


British Summertime can be somewhat of a challenge for dressing – it can swerve between heatwave and downpour in the same day. You can have grey looking days that end up feeling hotter and sweatier than the sun thanks to high humidity, or you can have days that have you checking your diary to see if maybe it is actually October rather than August. Whilst it seems like the sunny days have been on a bit of a ration lately, which has added that sort of ‘is summer over’ feeling into outfit planning. I feel like I’m already veering towards more A/W style in day to day dressing. Not that I’m against being able to wear jeans every day, this pretty much is my uniform! But with Summer in mind, I thought I’d have a peek at the key features that make up my summer wardrobe.


The biggest switch up for me in Summer months is that I LOVE a bit of colour. In fact I love a lot of colour. Rainbow will always have me all heart-eyes emoji, but especially when it’s sunny outside. I also love pairing a bright colour with either pale or white denim to really make it pop. Two of my absolute go-to pieces this Summer have been from the amazing Boden. Who are the dream if you do want some more colour in your life, as that’s what they do best. Plus they’re also ace for anything striped – another classic favourite outfit feature of mine.

The rainbow espadrilles, I have worn these TO DEATH this summer. So comfortable and so colourful, they can make even the most basic jeans/grey t-shirt combination feel bright and sunny. Espadrilles are one of my favourite trends of the summer overall actually as they’re a comfortable and casual alternative to Converse or Stan Smiths that feel a bit lighter and more Summer-appropriate somehow?


The best thing about Boden and it’s colourful range – they always have a great selection of colours. So even if the summer range has sold out, there’s always a new striped option on offer (and FYI – some ACE A/W boots in too…)

Boden  – shoes

Balancing proportions/showing skin

One of the things I hate the most about summer is when hotter weather makes skimpy clothes the order of the day. Personally, skimpy has never really been my thing. Not because I’m a total prude, but more because I’m not all that body confident in all honesty so showing more skin = more uncomfortable. So I tend to like to ‘balance out’ proportions. Opting for longer loose sleeves if I’m wearing shorts Or a skimpier top with lose white jeans for example. It’s not a rule that’s set in stone by any means – but I love that with loose, cooler fabrics can feel just as good as a strappy top or tiny shorts.

Longer length items work well if you’re somewhere where it’s hot in the day and cooler at night as it gives that cool and airy by day, but a layer for night type thing. Which came in handy in California lately as in the Northern parts of the road trip it was gorgeous and warm by day, but the temperature went right down with the sun – so having a bright cashmere sweater from Boden or my lose fit white Lucas jeans from Topshop (currently on sale for £20 – bargain, because they’re ace) were perfect to adapt to the temperature flipping.



Ok, so I probably won’t wear this palm print jumpsuit to pop to Sainsbury’s anytime soon. But on holiday? I can’t get enough of a bold print or a jumpsuit – the two in combination? Perfection. Ok, so not to everyone’s taste but I love a bit of fun with dressing. This jumpsuit in particular was a bold print with a back tie so slightly on the skimpier side but thanks to the longer length trouser…it still works with my balancing proportions approach to Summer dressing.

The perfect example of a whole lot of fun in one item – these brightly coloured culottes from Zara. Throw in a snazzy umbrella and I’m one happy Summer dresser. No harm with a bit of fun in your clothing – especially when the sun is shining.



I’d love to know how you switch up your style for Summer? Colour is definitely the biggest switch I have for hotter weather – when the rest of the year I’m pretty much in a denim/grey/white/black combination overall. Going a tad nuts with colour is part of the fun of colour. Plus it means I can bring my own little dose of sunshine, even if the sun hasn’t exactly had it’s hat on too much for a couple of weeks. But there’s still time to go, Summer isn’t over yet!




  1. August 17, 2017 / 8:29 am

    I love your style Jen, you really do know what suits you. I have recently lost two stone so am currently finding out what suits my new body shape. Although I am not one for baring lots of skin I am loving that I can now comfortably wear strappy tops and dresses when the sun is out. I had a lot of fun shopping for new things while we were on holiday in the USA and I certainly went out of my comfort zone more than once where style and colour is concerned. I think its all about finding what works for you, getting some key pieces like a decent pair of shorts or linen trousers and then mixing them up with some cheap and cheerful fun summer tops and accessories. That jumpsuit looks FAB on you….have never tried one myself but you have now got me thinking that maybe I should.

  2. Laura
    August 17, 2017 / 9:01 am

    Love those culottes!

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