Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation Review

For the full post on this foundation (I already mentioned it in THIS post) I wanted to take a proper look at it old-school blog review style. With the less-than-flattering before and after shots to show it in action. Plus a second shot to show how it wear at the end of a day. So I could really showcase both how it looks and talk about how it feels to wear on both fresh application and after a day of wear.


First things first, what’s the new foundation all about? Well it’s all about that all important glow. Who doesn’t want to glow these days? I definitely do. But just the ‘right’ amount of glow. I don’t want to look like either a disco ball (where the ‘glow’ actually comes from glitter) or like I have a serious case of the oily face happening. So it’s a fine line on the perfect level of radiance and glow – without it crossing that line. Especially tricky to find one that really lasts the day, keeping the glow in check from application to end of the day. Not that I have high expectations of my foundation or anything!

Clinique Even Better Glow foundation is all about giving you glowing skin when you’re wearing it, plus including lots of ingredients to help improve your skin over time. Going against all those myths about foundation being ‘bad for’ your skin, it sort of combines skincare elements with that perfecting effect of foundation.

Below I have the full before – complete with hormonal spot (thanks a lot pregnancy…) and freckles and redness galore…

Followed by the foundation only application. I used the Clinique Stippling Foundation brush which is ace to blend it out and can be used solo but my preference is always to use a beautyblender to get the fully blended/flawless finish. I didn’t do that in this case purely

Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation – Before & After



Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation- After half a day of wear

For the final test I wanted to share a shot of the ‘fully made up’ face – after about half a day of wear. So around 4/5 hours  – the point where you might be looking to touch up/contain the shine a little. A couple of things I noted after looking closely at the half-day wear was there’s a bit more shine on my forehead than I would like ideally. The coverage on my nose has worn a little so some of the redness is showing and the coverage of my hormonal spot (I shall name him Frank) has worn off a little to. So for staying power, it’s not perfect.

Texture and application wise, it applies really well and does blend. The only issue I had was around some of my dry areas where I did find it clings a bit. So on my nose in particular. I hadn’t even realised I had any dryness there, until the first time I tried this, but it does cling a bit and you can see it a little in both the just foundation image and the fully made up one below.



Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation Review

Overall thoughts on this foundation are that it’s a good lightweight feeling option. If you like your base glowing and natural then it’s fantastic – a great base for a tired/hungover day when you’re feeling your skin isn’t looking it’s best. I wouldn’t say it’s the ideal base if you either have dry skin (for the reasons I mentioned above) or if you need heavier coverage or a finish that lasts all day without a second glance. Of course I’m sure there are tweaks you can make to make it last longer or of course concealer options for coverage – but just looking at the foundation as a stand alone item, those are my thoughts.

I can’t yet comment on the ‘better over time’ affect of this foundation of course as I’ve only tried it over the past week.

I would recommend this for you if you have fairly balanced skin. If you have oily skin type if will apply beautifully and I’m sure look great but you will need some powder to keep shine at bay through the day. If you have dry skin and are keen to try this I say go for it, but make sure you have a good exfoliation routine in place as this really did make all the difference for me on the nose area – although I did find some dryness started to show as the day went on when I wore this for a day around London.

Hopefully that’s a helpful review for you if you’re interested in trying this foundation! Let me know any feedback or if you try it – let me know how you got on.

There are 30 shades in the range so a good range of colours to suit a variety of skintones. I am wearing the shade Alabaster.

Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation available from John Lewis (£27)

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  1. Jane
    September 20, 2017 / 3:00 pm

    Have seen his advertised and was on the fence but I really want to try it now I have read your review. Thanks for the post and pics Jen x

  2. October 28, 2017 / 1:11 pm

    That’s such a great post + loving your photos. I find Clinique make up underrated. There are so many gems in their collection.

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