Four inspiring podcasts for bloggers & freelancers

I have a bit of a podcast routine going on in my life at the moment. I love to listen to them when I pop out to take the dogs for a walk. I am aware that this will likely make me sound like a no-mates loser, but when you work from home and can easily go a full working day without speaking to another person – a listen to an inspiring podcasts is a nice way to get a little dose of human voice into your life. I don’t tend to listen to them whilst I work as find them more distracting than the radio – but on a dog walk, they’re the perfect accompaniment to help me both zone out and come back feeling refreshed and positive.

So I’ve pulled a few of my most-listened-to inspiring podcasts of the moment, just in case you want to add some to your own playlist!

The Freelancers Tea Break

Even if you don’t freelance, there are definite benefits to be had from having a little listen to this series. Created by the ace Emma Cossey who has a load of experience as a freelancer herself and also offers support as a freelance coach (amazing if you want a bit of support/guidance in your freelance career when by nature it tends to be a very solo-working pursuit).

The podcasts are focussed around a combination of common issues faced by freelancers, interviews with individuals about how they run their businesses and productivity tips and advice. I feel myself nodding along in agreement to this one all the time and it has that feeling of having a bit of a vent or swapping advice with a colleague. Loads of the advice and productivity tips can relate to anyone, regardless of employment status so I really recommend having a listen – but if you’re a freelancer or self-employed then it’s a must-listen.

Hashtag Authentic

This podcast is one that delivers that sort of ‘that was what I needed to hear’ information and advice. Very focussed on the world of social media and the ‘influencer’ industry. Created by Instagram-whizz Sara Tasker (if you don’t follow her then you’re missing out on a whole new level of gorgeous imagery).

It combines interview episodes (most recently was a fantastic one with Nik Speller specifically on instagram and influencer) and individual ones covering everything from instagram frustrations and questions we’re all asking about different social channels. If you work in social media or you blog/instagram (either for passion or profit) then it’s worth having a listen to get some great information  and sometimes just good old frank reality checks. Very helpful, honest but not Ina. Way that leaves you feeling like you’re doing something wrong all the time. It’s more about positive changes and helping you move forward.

Make It Happen

A podcast by Jen Carrington all about living a creative life – be it as a career or just a passion. For one, there’s something about Jen’s voice that I find really relaxing and find this a perfect one to listen to if I’ve been having a bit of a stress day. It’s like listening to a great creative friend who always knows the right thing to say. Always offering the reassurance that anyone who is in the world of creating and being creative so often craves!  Especially when you do it professionally it can be a world where you don’t get a whole lot of feedback, you need to get your head around giving yourself feedback or finding other ways to get that same ‘pat on the head’ type feeling that you can miss without colleagues and a team around.

I know Jen’s podcast is between series at the moment but you can always catch up on previous episodes that are all worth a listen.

The Lively Show

This was probably the first podcast I subscribed and listened to regularly. Whilst in some way’s Jess’s content has changed direction over the last year or so, so some of the content doesn’t always resonate quite as much as it did previously. I still love to have a listen and sort of ‘check in’ on where she is with her adventure. Jess (Lively) originally appealed to me as she talked a lot about things like minimalism and it was her content around a capsule wardrobe that had me hooked (a collaboration she did with Anna). Since then, Jess has been through a LOT of life changes. Including splitting from her husband, selling the majority of her possessions and travelling around the world. In all honesty, SOME of the content can get a little too ‘woo woo’ (as she describes it sometimes’ for me but a lot of it is still really interesting. Her main focus is all about living with intention and following ‘flow’. Something that I like the idea of and whilst I sometimes think that flow and life don’t always go hand-in-hand, I like the idea of following my intuition and using it as a guide for making decisions in life. Personally I’m a big believer in gut feeling and I think that’s essentially what following your intuition and finding flow is all about.

Jess also speaks to some really interesting people and does talk about some more practical things such as how she packed for a trip when she didn’t know how long she would be gone or exactly where she was going. Or discussing money or blocks making decisions. Plus talking about relationships and challenges along the way. Whilst I maybe don’t listen as often as I did at first, this is still a favourite of mine to check in and get a little dose of Lively positivity!

I’d love to know what podcasts you subscribe to and would recommend! I’ve recently signed up and started listening to a few new ones so once I get a bit more stuck in I might very well need to do a favourites update soon.

If you want to subscribe/listen to any of the great inspiring podcasts I’ve included above I’ve linked them to iTunes in each of the podcast titles and more links below for further information:

The Freelancers Tea Break: 

Hashtag Authentic:

Make It Happen:

The Lively Show:



  1. January 3, 2018 / 8:18 pm

    Aw I’ve just seen this, thank you so much for including The Freelance Teabreak! I love your other choices too.

    • Jen
      January 4, 2018 / 9:05 am

      You’re welcome!

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