Post Baby Body Products

Slathering on the oils and creams during pregnancy becomes pretty much the norm (personal choice of course) but post baby… time suddenly becomes a little (lot) less your own and sometimes a day when you can shower is a treat. Let alone bath or slather on a lovely body. However, I do try my best to apply skincare to my body as much as possible as I do have very dry skin and it feels uncomfortable when I skip that step (which is why I have a lot of love for The Sanctuary Wet Skin Moisture Miracle – that’s my ‘perfect for skipping the lotion’ days when time really is poor).

But there’s also a lot to be said for the little every day luxuries that where possible can help muddle through the early days of mum-life. So here are a few of my favourite post baby body products. That I’ve loved so much I finished them.

Post Baby Body Products

L’Occitane Ultra Light Body Cream (L’Occitane – £32)

I love everything about this. The fragrance is that sort of powdery/soft but fresh one that is neutral but still smells good. Like clean cotton almost? The texture is like a whipped body butter – so like thick mousse maybe? It absorbs quickly but feels as hydrating as a body butter without feeling heavy or leaving any tackiness on the skin. Used this to the very last drop and would 100% repurchase. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath (John Lewis – £43)

SO creamy, smells AMAZING (much like L’Occitane, has a sort of creamy/clean scent to it which I just adore). When I get chance to have a bath this sort of doubles up the skincare side as it feels lovely to use but also leaves my skin soft and hydrated at the same time. Another one I used to the last drop and have recommended left right and centre. Lifetime bath favourite and perfect for some pampering post-baby as so gentle and soothing on the skin too.

Bloom & Blossom Indulgence Bath Oil (John Lewis – £11)

A brand I became familiar with during pregnancy but love it beyond the bump. Contains a blend of oils to soothe tension and be lovely and kind to potentially sensitive skin. I love how rich and pampering it feels at the same time as avoiding intense fragrances that can feel a bit ‘much’. Really great if you have dry skin like I do as the oils work a treat to soften. Especially good if you’re breastfeeding as it’s formulated without any nasty ingredients specifically for new mums. Although of course I’m not the expert on this so please do double check ingredients etc if this is something you’re personally sensitive to.

Oh and side note – Bloom & Blossom have a great gift set that’s a perfect treat for new mums – in case you wanted to get a little present for a new mum in your life!

Ameliorate Bath Powder (SpaceNK – £23.50)

Another all time bathing favourite of mine, I think this is the third tub I’ve worked my way through. Another one with the powdery/clean scent to it and this one just works wonders for soothing skin and leaving it feeling soft and hydrated after a bath. The brand specialise in taking care of Keratosis Polaris – which is what their original product was designed to deal with. Whilst this one doesn’t claim to specifically target KP it can’t hurt to have soft hydrated skin to try and prevent those red angry bumps.

This is just ace if you want a relaxing bath that doubles up as skincare for your body at the same time.

Of course all of these are just in post-baby theme because they’re once I’ve been loving in the post baby period. Absolutely zero reason why they aren’t perfectly suitable for all!

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