Smashbox Petal Metal Collection

You know when there’s a new collection and it just looks beautiful before you even try the products? Well this is one of those collections – but the good news is that the products themselves are just as gorgeous as the packaging. Little clue if you’re a sucker for a highlighter and rose gold packaging then the Smashbox Petal Metal Collection is the collection for you!

Smashbox Petal Metal Collection

The collection is mostly all about metallic hues with that all important highlight being the main theme! Oh and did I mention the packaging is just gorgeous!

The collection features a little bit of everything. Three highlighters, a primer, liquid liners, shimmer drops, liquid lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette, lipsticks and a shimmer spray. I have a selection to show you and a couple of them are real stand out products.

Smashbox Petal Metal Collection

On new launches, as much as I am a sucker to packaging there’s so much out there now the product has to be good too. Highlighter wise, the worst thing (in my opinion) is one that might look lovely but as soon as you apply it you realise it’s a glitter packed mess! Last thing I want in my (makeup) life is glitter all over my face. I don’t love glitter in general but there’s nothing worse than surprise glitter when it’s not meant to be there.

Smashbox Petal Metal Collection

Looking at these products before I tried and I would have assumed that a couple of them would have surprise glitter. Especially the shimmer spray but on using it the spray is actually one of my favourites. The spray actually gives a fine mist of shimmer not glitter. With a rose gold sort of tinge to it which when on the skin really does just look like a lovely glow rather than shimmer or sparkle. For me this is a product I’d use more on my body to give a sheen without needing to apply anything ‘heavier’ like a cream. I took this to Vegas with me on my recent trip and add a bit of a glow where my skin is perhaps a little on the pale side so I might be pale but at least I’ll be radiant…. (with shimmer, not just magical inner beauty type of radiance…) – it’s a beauty and my surprise stand out of the collection.

The other stand outs that are a bit more on the glitter front are the shimmer drops. More intense sparkle that’s suspended in a liquid (they need a good shake before use) they are just gorgeous colours. Ok so they’re not for me in terms of day to day but if you like a hit of sparkle then these are for you! The shimmer on them is a gorgeous duo-chrome type too so lots of shine and catching the light.


Products provided as PR samples.


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  1. Emma
    September 11, 2018 / 5:05 pm

    I bought the eyeshadow palette from this collection, it’s beautiful!

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