How to do a DIY pedicure

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When it comes to footwear as soon as there’s a hint of sun, I want to pull out my Summer options. Often, the sun makes an appearance before I’ve managed to get my feet as presentable as I want. However, I’ve mastered a few tips and tricks to do a DIY pedicure quick enough that you don’t miss those brief flashes of early British summer time because we all know that sunshine is unpredictable at best…

DIY Pedicure

The first (pretty crucial) step of a DIY pedicure to get ready to put your feet on show is sloughing off any dead skin and let’s face it. Post winter when feet have most likely been tucked away under cosy socks for months, there’s probably a fair amount to shift. My top tip is pick a scrub and use it directly on dry skin. Don’t wet your feet before you use the scrub as it will both soften your skin and water down the product. Using it dry will really enhance how thoroughly it can scrub off that dry skin.

With the scrub make sure you really concentrate on those pesky dry bits. Heels, ankles and around the toes. The next step is moisturise. Then moisturise again and again. Soft and silky feet really does come down to them being well hydrated. If you have time, I really recommend using the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Foot Oil is amazing as an overnight hydrating treatment with Eucalyptus and Lavender to refresh and soothe feet. Have a good scrub, apply a generous amount of oil (you could even follow with a cream as a belt and braces approach) then pop on some socks and sleep with the oil on.

DIY Pedicure
DIY Pedicure

However, if the sun is out and you need your feet on show ASAP then Palmer’s has some amazing quick fix options. For one the Cocoa Butter Formula Foot Magic is incredible. Rich and hydrating but absorbs easily, with added Peppermint Oil for a zing. Then you can top this off with the fab Heel Repair stick.

The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Heel Repair stick is an absolute hero product. This is the one you will be finding in my bag ALL Summer long (and beyond). It’s a rich, balmy stick that you can apply directly to any dry spots to instantly moisturise. The instant fix affect immediately hides any of those dry spots so you can go about your day without thinking about your feet. Unless of course thinking about feet is your thing, in which case – you do you.

DIY Pedicure

Palmer’s has an extensive range of products to choose from for your at home pedicure and foot care regime. Including products from both the Cocoa Butter Formula family and the Coconut Oil Formula. I adore a coconut scent but have to say that my favourites from the Palmer’s foot care have to be the Cocoa Butter Foot Magic Scrub and Moisturiser, plus of course the amazing Cocoa Butter Heel Repair. This trio alone is the best for a quick fix DIY pedicure in a flash.

Now it’s just down to picking which pair of shoes to wear?! That’s the tricky part….!

The Coconut range is currently EXCLUSIVE to Superdrug

Boots currently have a buy one get the 2nd half price offer!

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AD: This post is in conjunction with Palmer’s.

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