Three new brands you need to know about

Three new brands you need to know about

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I love a big-name brand, but at the same time I love discovering smaller/new brands. Ones with unique products, strong ethics and creative approaches to the beauty industry. Even in a market with more products and brands than one world could probably ever need, there’s always new and interesting ones springing up – something I want to share a little more in my corner of the internet. Starting with a trio of new brands I think you need to know.

The big hearted brand – Beco

Beco is a brand I think you might be hearing more and more about. It really has a unique story and one that makes it’s essentially simple products have a little extra magic to them. Beco is a brand that are through-and-through a caring brand. From their staff, to their products and their packaging. With 97% organic, the packaging is recyclable. Beco (Better Considered) do solid soap bars and liquid soap (plus new shampoo solid bars) and the products sold are created by people who are visually impared, disabled or disadvantaged in the UK. So for every bar or bottle sold, they help create a job for someone who may otherwise struggle.

Beco Soap

I am due to visit the factory that’s in Walthamstow soon to find out more about the people behind the soap, but it’s one that’s well worth knowing about. Be that if you’re looking for a way to reduce your plastic use or just want to champion ethical independent brands, then Beco ticks all those boxes. Oh, and the soaps are lovely to use too! Creamy lather, soft fresh scents. What’s not to like about that?!

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Available from £3

The breath of fresh air – Verdant Alchemy

I first spotted this brand and it really caught my eye at the Independent Beauty Expo last October. The packaging was just gorgeous and the scents really had a pop that felt quite literally like a breath of fresh air. Having now given the Breathe In Mineral Bath Salts a whirl I can confirm that’s exactly what they are. These are the sort of scent that will be like splashing your face with ice water on a hot day, or jumping into the shower after a day all over London on the tube in Summer. I imagine they would work wonders for a cold in Winter too.

Verdant Alchemy

They have obviously caught the eye of a few others as they’re now stocked in places like Selfridges, Liberty and more. The bath salts start at £12 for 100g, so a good price for a product that feels luxury. Definitely one to have on display in the bathroom too.

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Available from Liberty £26

The natural focussed skincare brand – Sister & Co Skin Food

A brand that started with the quest for the ultimate Coconut Oil for skin and hair care. With the idea being all about natural ingredients that remain as unprocessed as possible to create products that are great for skin. BUT at the same time they don’t always believe natural is always best, as they say – they don’t believe natural deodorant works as well… which is a bit of refreshing perspective from a natural-first brand.

Sister & Co Skinfood

I’ve really enjoyed the products I’ve tried so far. Especially this Moisture Spray. It’s a rosewater and cucumber combination that feels & smells incredible. Especially on hot days, to refresh and give a little burst of moisture. I’ve also tried the Lip Tonic which is fab. I haven’t tried their original product the Coconut Oil yet but apparently it’s the ideal one to use for skincare. Oh and it doesn’t hurt that the packaging is lovely too!

I hope you enjoyed this little spotlight on a few new and exciting brands that I think are worth a look. It’s something I plan to spotlight on a regular basis. So keep an eye out for a few new/smaller brands to discover soon.

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Available from ASOS £22

Post features gifted products and affiliate links.


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