Beauty problem 2: Blackheads

Blackheads are my personal nightmare. Those pesky little things tend to refuse to budge for anything other than squeezing- and we have all been told repeatedly how bad for your skin squeezing is, so that rules that option out (most of the time, I never said I was perfect…)

So in an attempt to tackle the little black menaces I have tried a couple of specialist products to get rid of them.

Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask (a bargain at £2.93)

I love a good peel off face mask, there is something really therapeutic about the peeling at the end (especially if it all comes off in one go!) This mask is both cheap and effective, the perfect beauty combination.

I would recommend it for anyone, even if you don’t have oily skin as the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel are both refreshing and soothing. Post-peel skin feels deeply clean but still soft and moisturised. On closer inspection, my blackheads seem to have been reduced in size (although not totally removed) A couple of treatments and I have high hopes for clearer skin!

Ginvera Green Tree Marvel Gel (£15 for 30gm)

I have head some rave reviews of the product down the beauty grape-vine so was really excited to try it. I was a little bemused how the gel would manage to suck out the pesky little black heads but the label promised “to work like a magical eraser” and reduce dead skin and blackheads into a powdery white residue… simply rub the gel into skin and then rinse off the white residue to leave fresh and glowing skin.

First try, the initial thing to hit me is the smell- I can only describe it as reminding me of old ladies. Perhaps its the green tea, although normally I love green tea but I am not totally enthused by the Marvel Gel. But, smell aside I got stuck in rubbing a small blob of the gel into my skin (especially problem areas like chin and nose) and, as promised, a white powdery residue was produced.

I was excited to see the results post-rinse but on closer inspection I was a little disappointed. The blackheads are still there but my skin did feel really smooth and refreshed. Overall, I love the results of the Marvel Gel for skin-brightening, but did hope for more black-head blitzing.

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I will continue to use this on a regular basis and see if there is a significant improvement and update if there is good news!

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