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Preparing hair for summer is a pretty simple process, the key thing to do is to start early rather than just slap on a bit of extra conditioner for the two weeks holiday in the sun. To make sure hair is looking soft and lovely, and doesn’t frazzle in the heat, or frizz in the humidity or generally do things it shouldn’t be doing there are a few simple steps you can take.

1. Wash daily using a shampoo that is appropriate for your hair type. This is especially important if you have coloured or chemically treated locks, as they need a bit of extra TLC. If you are unsure what your hair type is then ask your hair dresser. Remember your hair type and condition can change with things such as lifestyle changes, diet or for some other reason such as medication or hormonal changes. So don’t be fooled into thinking you have greasy hair now so you will always have greasy hair!

2. Condition daily with a light conditioner that is hair-type appropriate. Using a conditioner that is too thick/heavy can leave hair over saturated and weigh it down, or if you have dry hair and don’t use one that is substantial enough then hair can be prone to frizz, brittleness and breaking.

Recently I have been using a Australian Organics Volumising Conditioner £3.99 (350ml) which smells lovely and fresh and leaves my hair soft and bouncy.

Remember with hair care there are no rules that say you have to match shampoo and conditioner brands. Sometimes mixing and matching can give the best results, for example a shampoo for greasy hair and a conditioner for hair that lacks volume can work wonders together- if you have flat lifeless hair that is prone to getting greasy quickly. Again, the key to this is knowing you hair type.

3. A bit of a no-brainer, but make sure you protect hair when using heated styling tools. It would be a bit silly to think that putting something that is 210 degrees onto your hair would leave it totally damage-free, so protect with a special heat-spray (or if you have styling products that contain heat protector then that’s good too.)

4. The fourth and final tip for luscious locks is a weekly deep conditioner. This is a great way to give hair a boost of moisture that can be sapped out in the heat, it also helps to make sure hair is fully prepared to the ravages of the summer holiday with burning heat plus saltwater and chlorine to fight off- you want to make sure hair is in the best condition possible.

Paul Mitchell does a great range of simple but effective deep conditioners with a different variety for every hair type and problem including Supercharged Moisturiser, Hair Repair and Super Strong Treatment. My personal favorite is the Supercharged Moisturiser, but as I am trying to grow my hair I will soon switch Super Strong Treatment.

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    Beauty Junkie London, I’m LOVING the new look of your blog!

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