Flip-flop ready feet

Getting ready for summer also means dealing with feet that have been snuggled away in Ugg boots for the long winter months. As comfy as those things are, they do no favours for making your feet look good.

So to get your feet ready to look good in flip-flops you need to pay them some attention. You could splash out and head to a salon for a pedicure, but the more wallet-friendly way is to scrub-up at home. The key steps in getting perfect feet is to scrub them and get rid of all the nasty dry/hard/crusty and generally disgusting bits to reveal lovely skin as soft as a baby’s bum (or near enough). Of course, the keep the skin this soft you will need to slather on the moisturiser.

Of course then there are the nails, for toes these should be short and square (curved edges can cause ingrowing toenails…yuck) and colour-wise anything goes. One of the best bits about having pretty feet is that nail polish is that bit further away so the more striking or daring the colour, the better- and you don’t need to look at it all day. My personal favorite for summer is Revlon’s One Perfect Coral.

Once the big winter overhaul is finished it is good to use a specialist foot cream to keep feet looking good, and to give them the once over with a foot scrub each week to prevent hard skin building up.

Two great foot creams that I would recommend are:

Miss Oops Pedicure in a bottle (£14.99) A two-in one cream (love multi-tasking products!) with unique ingredients including shea butter to hydrate and smooth, salicylic acid to gently exfoliate, lavender to combat odours and peppermint and menthol to soothe your soles.

Miss Oops is available from http://www.boutiquevive.com/, http://www.jasonshankey.co.uk/ and boutique stores nationwide.

MD Formulations Pedi crème (£26.00) is also a hard-working, multi-task product which naturally exfoliates hard skin on the feet leaving the skin feeling smooth, soft and supple. The pedi creme is a more intensive foot cream so probably better if you are guilty of neglecting your feet for quite some time. The non-greasy formula sinks in rapidly and helps to maintain the results of pedicures or chiropody treatments by preventing dry skin build up.

For more information go to www.bareescentuals.co.uk/mdf/


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