Get glowing for summer, gradually.

Getting ready for summer is one of those extreme beauty challenges that daunts even the most experienced of beauty junkies. No matter how many times I try fake tanning 9/10 it still goes a little bit wrong (missed patches, dark feet, mis-matched face and body…the list of mistakes is endless)

I have started the quest to find the 2009 fake tan for the summer with a nice and safe gradual self tanner from Dove. Dove have brought out Dove Summer Glow, a range of gradual self-tanners, based on the classic Dove moisturiser with a hint of self-tan for a sun-kissed glow. The range has been going for a while now and has been adapted for light and dark skin, with one with a hint of shimmer and two face versions (for light and dark). The added benefit of the face tanners is that they contain SPF 15 an all year round face essential.

My favorite thing about the Dove range is the fresh scent, it doesn’t have that biscuit fake-tan smell. The body moisturiser is great for dry skin, absorbs well but does leave a bit of a residue. The face moisturiser feels to be a very similar texture to the body lotion. The pump action bottle delivers the ideal amount for the face and neck. The cream absorbs nicely but, like the body cream- does leave a slightly greasy residue on the skin. This is a bit of a downside for a face cream, especially in the summer when you don’t want a greasy sheen gleaming in the sun. On the upside, the colour that develops gradually over a few applications is a nice, subtle glow. Top tip, to avoid the greasy sheen is to apply at night so you have the colour without the slick- just remember to make sure your daily face cream has a SPF!

The Dove Summer Glow Range is priced between £4.99-5.99.

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