Amazing: deep cleansing pore strips

I was put off using deep cleansing pore strips when I was about 14. I tried some from Oxy (I think) that consisted of a strange nail-varnish like solution that I had to paint on and a strip that is meant to stick to it. Maybe I just didn’t have a knack for it, but the strip never seemed to stick and I was just left with a flaky residue on my face that was hard to wash off.

Obviously there have been developments in the ‘pore strip’ world since I was 14 (too many years ago) and having tried them again for the first time I am pleased to report a far more positive experience.

I tried some Deep Cleansing Chin and Forehead Pore Strips from Skin Benefits and Deep Cleansing Nose Strips from Purederm. Both products are pretty much identical, stick well when applied to clean but damp skin. After leaving the strip on for around 15 mins comes the peeling process. It was a little bit painful to remove the strips as they really do cling to skin (like peeling off a firmly-stuck on plaster) but overall the peeling part is really therapeutic! The best bit is looking at what the pore strip has removed though- all over the underside of the pore strip is the nasty contents of previously clogged up pores! Really disgusting, but I challenge anyone to not want to inspect the results!

The pore strips are available from priced between £2.99-3.99


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