Brighten Monday with shiny hair: Aveda brilliant spray on shine

Monday mornings are generally rubbish, this is a fact. The weekend is over and the long week is looming ahead in all its glory. What better way to perk-up the start of the week than with a good hair day?

Mondays are hard enough as it is without having to worry about sorting out an elaborate hair style so my top tip is to wear hair as simple as possible, just wash and dry and then finish with a good shine spray- to make your hair sparkle, even if the only thing you want to do is crawl back into bed.

Aveda is a fantastic hair brand and they make a product that is very deserving of it’s cult status- Aveda brilliant spray-on shine. A light spritz is all you need to make your hair a glossy mane of gorgeousness, make sure you are especially light if you have fine or greasy hair as all shine sprays can weight it down. This spray can even add a gloss to blonde hair (tried and tested by me!) which can be notoriously difficult to get a shine on- darker hair colours are generally the glossier of the hair world.

The spray is available from the fabulous website which I have mentioned before. At 15% less than RRP this is THE place to stock up on hair and beauty goodies- the Aveda Spray-on Shine is £10.20 (RRP £12).

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