Beauty basics two: Deodorant for the boys

Last week I wrote a post on the fabulously glamorous subject of deodorants, this post is a follow up to that especially for the boys out there.

Deodorant is pretty darn essential for boys, especially with all the sport and general sweating that they seem to do so they shouldn’t be forgotten- especially in summer when they need a little extra help in staying fresh and lovely.

Here are a few interesting sweaty facts in case you have any doubts about how much men sweat:

  • The average man sweats about 1-1.5 litres of liquid a day
  • Each person has 3–4 million sweat glands
  • Men are sweatier than women, even when you take body size into account. Scientists tested volunteers in a laboratory mock-up of a sweltering car. Men lost 250 g of sweat per hour, which was 70 g more than the women (New Scientist 1 June 2002)

Top tip:

The latest development in the anti-stink world is using silver.

Historically silver has also been used in salves for burn victims and to purify water and scientists are currently looking into using silver again, in place of chlorine, in water-purification systems such as those that service swimming pools. No drug based antibiotic is as effective as silver because silver nanoparticles kill all types of fungal infections, bacteria and viruses within 6 minutes of contact, including antibiotic resistant strains. Research to date has shown that bacteria have been unable to develop any immunity to silver and unlike other metals such as lead and mercury, silver is not toxic to humans.

The obvious benefits of silver being used in deodorants is for the anti-bacterial properties as these will kill the cause of the smell, as it is not the actual sweat that smells but the bacteria that grows there.

The lovely people at Nivea have managed to harness the powers of silver and package it into a super-effective Men’s deodorant, Nivea Silver ProtectTBC).

Obviously as a girl I didn’t test this out, but I found a willing (and sporty) male helper to do so instead. He loved it, because it works (even when doing sport, apparently) and smells really nice- not over powering but still masculine. So, there is a recommendation- and just in time for the hot summer months.

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