Hair removal cream from Veet

Traditionally I have not been a fan of hair removal creams, they are generally smelly, messy and just about as effective as the less smelly, less messy shaving. But, as a beauty junkie I know that products do change and develop over time so just because I didn’t like it one time, this doesn’t mean I will never like it.

So when a friend recommended the Veet in-shower hair removal cream, raving about how easy and effective it was then I just had to give it another go. Partially convinced by the in-shower claim I thought it would be a bit easier and less messy than previous attempts that had me hovering around the bathroom, legs caked in smelly gloop waiting for 10/15 mins for it to burn away my hair.

So, as for the experience- the cream doesn’t smell of roses, but does smooth on nicely and doesn’t pong QUITE as bad as previous versions. So after smoothing it on, I hopped into the shower armed with the two sided sponge to remove the gunk after the allotted time. The packaging did warn that some of the cream would wash off under the water, but as it should only take around three minutes to work then I wasn’t too worried. About 40% of the cream washed off under the water and the remainder came off with the help of the sponge. With a rough and smooth side for normal/delicate areas.

Having rinsed, dried and moisturised I was impressed with the results. Legs felt smooth and soft and the effect lasted around a day longer than shaving and re-growth is a little softer. Now all the lovely people at Veet need to do is develop an in-shower cream that sprays on, or in some other way is a little easier to apply. But overall, I am a fan and will be using again.


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  2. Anonymous
    July 4, 2009 / 1:57 pm

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