Autumn Nail Love: OPI CIA = Colour Is Awesome

I’m on a bit of a nail bandwagon at the moment, but not the painting them kind. I’m a fully fledged member of the gel nails club at the moment. Opting for a fortnightly or every three weeks gel nail appointment at my local salon over painting them once or twice a week myself. I just love having my nails done and having them looking polished and glossy without fearing the chips or pain of removal/reapplication just works for me at the moment. Whoever invented gel nails deserves a medal in my opinion. But, as the eagle eyed readers will spot – this is a ‘normal’ OPI nail polish. Well, yes it is – and this is a teeny tiny cheat (not really a cheat, but you will get what I mean in a moment).

OPI CIA = Colour Is Awesome

The colour I am wearing is what’s shown here. It’s called OPI CIA = Colour Is Awesome, from the Washington DC collection with Kerry Washington. I am wearing the gel version of the very same polish shown here. But I had a sample of the full Washington Collection so wanted to showcase it as a normal polish – the colour is exactly the same – I’m just wearing the longer lasting/salon version of the same shade.

OPI CIA = Colour Is Awesome
OPI CIA = Colour Is Awesome

The colour is actually a tricky one to describe. In the salon it looked like a dark grey-blue, in some lights it looks more teal. It’s an interesting one, and looks perfect for Autumn. I am very much in Autumn mode now when it comes to nails. Dark colours for the win. I’ve also grown my nails a little longer over the past month or so – going for a more oval shape. I’ve always been more of a short nail girl, but in reality my hands look a touch more elegant with the longer shape of nail so going with it. Plus when I grow them into a point sort of shape I can be all fierce and point at things with them.

What I’d love to know is what your view on gel nails is?! Personally, I love them and if I could have my nails done every other week for the rest of my life I’d be one happy beauty blogger. Does mean the nail content may dwindle somewhat…but I’ve definitely gone more down the route of wanting my nails to look good over the constant testing and trying every colour under the sun. Who knows how long this phase will actually last… but right now. It’s gel nails FTW. The salon I go to uses mostly OPI shades so where I choose a shade with a normal equivalent I’ll make sure to share it!

OPI CIA = Colour Is Awesome * is available from Look Fantastic (£12.50)

PR sample or gift. Gel nails paid for by me.



  1. Amanda
    October 27, 2016 / 12:24 pm

    I like the idea of gel nails and the finish, but I hate having it scraped off and the light that seals the varnish is terrible for your hands – it causes age spots. Since it has only just occurred to me that I should wear sunscreen on my hands, they’re the least youthful part of me in any case.

  2. October 29, 2016 / 10:42 am

    Such a perfect color for a cold weather))

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