Gradual tanning: Five of the best

Summer is looming, and no matter how fashionable the pale and interesting is I cant help but long for a bit of a glow. As a naturally fashionable (read: pale and interesting) individual, I need a bit of help in the tanning department and without wanting to go from translucent white to orange overnight then gradual tanning is the answer.

Not all gradual tanners are the same (obviously) so I have been diligently trying out a selection to find the five best for Summer 2009.

Best for dry skin:

Dove Summer Glow (£4.99)

Available in fair to medium and medium to dark so you know you wont go too dark too quickly this gradual tanner is fab for dry skin as it is packed with the classic Dove moisturiser. This also means that it replaces the horrid biscuit smell with the fresh Dove fragrance so is perfect for applying in the day time.

Best for control:

Piz Buin Self tanning lotion with colour dial (£17.99 for 250ml)

The handy colour dial means you can be as gradual as you like with the tanning, starting gently and moving up in tan-intensity as you like. This is a genius idea so you can have total control over your shade and still go as dark as you like, gradually.

Best classic gradual tan:

Johnson’s Holiday Skin (£4.99 for 250ml)

The original gradual tanner has gotten gradually better over the years since it first launched in 2005 (yes, I cant believe it was that long ago either) over the years the formula has improved, as has the smell and the colour gradually moving towards the ideal gradual tanner. Also available in fair to medium and medium to dark, Johnson’s is a good gradual tanner to start with if you are a fake-tan virgin.

Best light colour:

No7 Gradual Tan (Face £10.25 Body £9.75)

Available in a face and body version, the No7 gradual tan is great for a really light gradual tan for paler skins. The colour is really gradual to develop so is best for the paler skins on the spectrum. Separate face and body creams mean the different textures are more suitable, helping create a more natural tan. The face cream has the added bonus of being SPF 15.

Available from Boots.

Best colour:

Tan Truth Secret Sun Daily Gradual Tan (£4.95)

Tan Truth gradual tan creates a really nice natural glow and smells light and fresh. The colour does develop naturally, but I found this one to be a bit stronger than some of the other gradual tanners. Great for use on legs, which look better with a bit of a stronger colour.

Visit for stockists.

Top tip for gradual tanning: Don’t forget to exfoliate regularly, moisturise elbows/knees/ankles/heels and wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from gradually turning bright orange.

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  1. Anonymous
    May 7, 2009 / 9:22 am

    I have sampled the Tantruth Secret Sun, gradual tan and found it incredible value at £4.95- it was easy to use, smelt lovely and left me going with the glow. Tantruth luxury self tan gave me ultimate body confidence to get my pins on show for my sisters wedding. I highly recommend it.

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