Lovely lilac and perfect purple

Lilac, and generally all shades of purple is one of those magic colours that has a shade to suit every skin tone which probably explains why lilac and purple are really ‘on trend’ make up colours this season.

Nail colour is the easiest way to introduce any trendy shade to update your overall look, especially in these ‘crunch times as even the most expensive and extravagant nail polish is still fairly cheap (compared to a whole new outfit). Plus, in a season when day-glo brights are the ‘hot’ colour to be seen in, it is far less daunting to flash the colour on your fingers or toes than wear a t-shirt in a screaming fluorescent highlighter green. Not that I would say fluorescent highlighter green is a great colour for nails or anywhere, but you get what I mean….

Anyway, back to the wonders of purple. There really is a shade to suit everyone, from deep dark blackberry right through to the palest violet and all in between. Then there is the choice between shimmer, translucent or matte… the list is endless. To make the choice a little easier I have tested out a handful and below are my humble opinions:

Dark purples:

No7 Blackberry Speed Dry Nail Colour (£6.10 from Boots)

This is a really deep, almost black, shade of purple with just a hint of shimmer to highlight the warmth of the purple. No7 nail colours have high levels of pigment so are reliable if you only have time for one coat.

No7 Vivid Violet Stay Perfect Nail Colour (£6.10 from Boots)

Perfectly named, this is a really vivid violet, a deep purple with a metallic sheen. This shade looks best with a couple of coats to give is a real pop. This is a really fun, bright colour and perfect for summer.

Spa Ritual in Solitude (£19.50 for a set of three exclusively from QVC)

Solitude is another deep shade, that looks brighter in the bottle than it looks on nails but a couple of coats will really bring out the warmth of the purple. The best thing about Spa Ritual nail colours is actually the bottle, which has a rubber coated lid for grip to make sure that the lid never gets stuck on with nail polish gunk- excellent feature and should be adopted by all nail polish makers!


Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer in Zara(£9.25 from

I have been recently introduced to Zoya polishes, and I love them- any brand that names a range of nail colours after my favorite guilty pleasure (The Hills) has got to be good. Aside from the ‘Gossip’ range of colours there is also a huge selection of shades which are all free of potentially harmful industrial chemicals including Toulene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Camphor.

Zara is a gorgeous mid-purple shade with a golder shimmer running through it and would look fantastic with a summer tan. Zara does need 2-3 coats, and can be sealed with a top coat (Zoya Armor is fab) to make it really last. I did three coats of this colour and a top coat and it lasted 4 days with no chipping.

George Nail Polish in Lavender Fantasy (£1.50 from ASDA)

The perfect simple mid-pastel-purple. Needs two coats to create an even colour but once on looks fab. This is the perfect shade of purple to suit everyone.

2True nail colour number 12 (£1.95 from Superdrug)

Another mid-purple shade, but this one has a pinky/purple shimmer running through it for a warming alternative to the Zoya golden shimmer. This one needed a full three coats and a top coat to look even but the pinky/purple shimmer is really pretty and at £1.95 who can complain?!

Pale purples/lilacs

Zoya nail lacquer in Miley (£9.25)

I never thought I would say this, but I love Miley. Not Miley Cyrus, obviously- I cant stand her (sorry, personal opinion- it’s just not right for someone to be that confident at the age of 15/16 or however old she is…) ANYWAY, back to nail colours- Miley is a gorgeous transparent pale lilac that is a more modern version of the transparent pink for a french manicure, looks really pretty and lasts a really long time.

2True nail colours in shade 11 (£1.95)

2True have also got a fabulous paler purple shade, again with a hint of shimmer- but this time is silver which really complements the pale lilac.

Mavala nail colour in Violette (£3.66 from

Mavala are the kings of the nail varnish world, producing colours since the 80’s they really know what they are doing. Violette is a pretty pale matte/pastel purple, a couple of coats leaves a colour that is ever so slightly transparent but even. Topped off with a glossy top coat and you are manicure perfect.

Like the Spa Ritual nail polish, one of my favorite things about the Mavala polish is the packaging- Mavala colours come in tiny, cute 5ml bottles which means no drying out, and wasted product- as the 5ml will last as long as the trend. Mavala polishes are the best way to use your nails to keep up with fashion trends.


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