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I really like primers, especially in summer- they help keep make-up in place, and provide a smooth base to help hide any imperfections. Primer can also be used alone without foundation over it for a lighter, more natural effect which still looks that little bit better than just bare skin.

It can be hard to find the right primer for your skin type, if you tend to have greasy/shiny skin then last thing you want is an oil-based primer, which will just slide off skin, along with the rest of your make-up. If you have dry skin, you don’t want a matte base or your skin will end up looking crusty (not a good look).

Luckily there is a huge range of primers and bases out there, so you should be able to find one that works for you. A good place to start the search is with US make-up brand, Smashbox, their make-up bases, primers and skin enhancers are regularly cited by beauty editors as the product of choice- which from people who have the whole world of make-up available to them, is a pretty good recommendation.

The multi-award winning Smashbox Photo Finish (£23.24 from is the original and as the name suggests offers a picture-perfect photo-finish for skin. Not only does this product make skin look HD-ready, but it is also packed with skin-boosting goodies including vitamins A & E, grape seed extract and green tea.

The base smoothes on easily and leaves skin velvet-soft and perfectly primed for the application of base. Applying foundation is so easy over the base, it is easier to blend and the texture is smooth. Over the day skin stays pretty much perfect, with only one light application needed over the notoriously-shiny nose area. By the end of the work day skin still looks even.

As Photo Finish is also available in a ‘light’ oil-free version (£22.02 from, great if you need more than the one light application or if you want a little extra protection against summer-shine.

The clever people at Smashbox have also created a solution for dull-looking skin- ‘Artificial Light Flash’ (£19.29 adds a warm touch of radiance to skin and is perfect for highlighting cheek bones and adding an up-lighter effect to the under-eye area.

Smashbox is available at or QVC.


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