Cowshed comes to Selfridges

Cowshed comes to Selfridges – and I was lucky enough to pay the little oasis of rustic calm a visit ahead of the official opening on Saturday. Tucked away inside the beauty workshop area (the bit towards the back from the main beauty hall – if you go through the entrance between Clinique and Clarins, it’s to your right). Immediately as you step through into the Cowshed space you feel like you’re in another place all together – and that place looks a lot like how my dream kitchen would be (not with manicure chairs and beauty products lining the walls – but the cabinets and countryside feel).

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There are four treatment chairs, plus two private treatment rooms – if you’re going for a full body, or perhaps hair removal treatment. The full list can be found online at the Cowshed Spa site but includes everything from a quick shape and paint for the nails, to full pedicures/body treatments. They have options for each treatment to suit the amount of time you have – so want a facial, but short on time? Go for the speedy facial/pedicure/manicure or got a little longer, indulge in the ‘ultimate’ version of the same treatment.

I enjoyed the speedy massage treatment – mostly for the head, but also the neck and shoulder and boy did I leave feeling more blissed out than before. Sure, I did sort of ruin it by deciding to pick up a few shopping items and lug them around that day…but my shoulders felt infinitely better post massage. It’s amazing how you can be in the middle of one of the biggest and busiest department stores in the world, yet feel like you’re sort of just chilling in your living room whilst a nice lady gives you a thorough head massage. You don’t notice any of the hustle and bustle going on outside at all and for that 30mins I was in my own little world – and it was lovely.

For the Selfridges Cowshed space (there are also spas in: Babbington House, Carnaby St, Clarendon Cross, Primrose Hill, Shoreditch House, SoHo House Berlin, SoHo House New York and SoHo House Miami Beach) I suspect the speedy treatments will be the most popular on the menu – as a little chill time inbetween the retail therapy. Or the ‘functional’ treatments – manicures and waxing. So those beauty ‘chores’ can be checked off the list at the same time as getting some essential shopping done (yes, Selfridges is definitely essential shopping).

If you’re in the area, stop by and check the space out – you will be amazed how it feels like a million miles away from the busy shop floor! Even if not for a treatment, it also includes a shop – with the full array of Cowshed products on offer (my personal favourite being the ‘Moody Cow’ or ‘Knackered Cow’ varieties).

For more information on Cowshed at Selfridges (offical opening 1st March 2014) :

I was a guest of Cowshed.


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