Imedeen Tan Optimizer : The Honeymoon Test

Regular readers may remember my past couple of posts over the Summer about my long term trial of Imedeen Tan Optimizer that I started taking back in May, in anticipation of a Summer of sunshine – including a couple of weekends away in Sunny climes and of course the honeymoon. Which at the time of starting the trial, destination was unknown… in fact, for me – the destination was unknown until we reached the check in desk – which made for a lovely surprise and was amazingly stress free as all I needed to do was pack and show up! I think all holidays should now be booked as a surprise…

imedeen honeymoon testBUT, for the final test of the Imedeen Tan Optimizer the husband (wow, that still feels odd) were heading to Egypt for just under two full weeks of sun, sun and more sun. Well, apart from the fact that I am pale and burn within around a nano-second, so it was more like shade, shade, shade for me… but still. Very relaxing to be able to just lie on a beach/by a pool and not think about wedding planning and just enjoy re-living the memories from the amazing day we had. How bizarre it feels already – like a strange but amazing dream that happened!

But, Egypt for honeymoon was about the most perfect place to test something like the Imedeen Tan Optimizer – it was seriously hot, with many days hitting the 40’s, and the coolest being around 38. Even at night it only dropped to mid 30’s temperatures. It was probably the hottest holiday I’ve been on – and frankly, by skintype is not designed for desert climates. So I was of course layering up the sun cream – sticking to factor 50 for the majority of the time and I spend about 90% of the time in the shade just enjoying the warmth. There’s something so nice about being that warm, but not cooking yourself in the sun. But of course, with the sun that intense – a sun shade still lets some rays through, and reflections from the water around you etc. Getting burnt in the shade is still very much an option.

But I am really happy to say that bar one time when snorkelling and I foolishly forgot to layer up on my back/legs – I stayed burn free. In fact, the number one thing that really stood out to me is actually how much colour I did develop – even though I was in the shade so much. This is where the Tan Optimizer comes into things. I usually get mocked for being the girl that comes back paler than when I leave for a holiday (the fake tan comes off…) but this time I actually came back feeling like I had that holiday glow. Ok, so the glow for me means an increased frequency of freckles, with the faintest hint of colour between them. But 100% (and the husband agreed) he has never seen me with as many freckles. My normally totally colourless shins event developed a smattering of them – this is unheard of! It’s the part of me that doesn’t even seem to accept the colour from fake tan and it has a sprinkle of actual real life freckles! This for me shows that something is helping my skin develop those pigments to help protect it from the sun – and that’s the sort of thing that can only really come from inside.

DSC00336 DSC00409

Ok, so no – I didn’t come out with a tan to rival Gisele or anything, but to expect that would be ridiculous. If I want a dark tan, I could try and layer up on the fake stuff – but that’s not what the Imedeen Tan Optimizer promises. It promises to boost your skin in preparing for the sun (hence why you need to take well in advance of a trip/summer – it isn’t one you can pop one on the plane and be good to go). It also helps to ‘protect cells from UV induced oxidative stress’ thanks to the Vitamin C and E and to generally help support normal skin health.

This is one of those products that initially I may have thought wasn’t really for me – having such pale skin, I would have assumed it would be to help with developing a deep tan. When actually, having taken it over a series of months and seen how my skin reacts differently to usual I can totally see the advantages. It is a big investment to plan to take it year round, but I would definitely plan to take this over Summer – in the same way I have this year from around April/May to September/October to give my skin that bit of a boost – as I totally welcome the freckles!

What are your thoughts on taking supplements over the long term – of course in general, a healthy diet is the way forward. But personally I am a big believer in supporting that with some specific ‘boosters’ from supplements depending on your needs at the time. From general vitamins to specific supplements like Imedeen Tan Optimizer – I think they can be a really beneficial addition to the skin care routine – what’s your opinion on these?

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