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I wont lie, I’m having a bit of a skin crisis at the moment. My skin seems to have decided to go a little crazy, specifically my chin. My chin has something against me.

Anyway, I find that when my skin decides to go crazy, the best thing to do is exfoliate and use products that are simple and don’t irritate my skin. The exfoliation helps shift dead skin, clean out clogged pores and generally brighten and smooth out my skin. Recently I have been swearing by Simple moisturisers- I recently did a review of these- but have also added in Origins Modern Friction to my skin-saving routine.

Origins Modern Friction is a thick creamy exfoliator, packed with really fine exfoliating particles that smells good enough to eat. In fact, as I type I can’t stop sniffing the stuff- I love how yummy it smells- like sweet, creamy icing with a hint of something citrus (probably because it contains lemon oil…).
The exfoliator is the perfect balance for a gentle, but effective exfoliator combined with skin soothing aloe to prevent any irritation. I love this scrub and have been using it every morning for the past week in an effort to clear my skin up and get it back on track.


  1. Victoria
    September 5, 2009 / 4:23 pm

    My skin is the same.. I hate it 🙁


  2. Luce
    September 6, 2009 / 11:14 am

    I love Modern Friction, but a word of warning, don’t get it in your eyes, or even, up your nose, yowch!

    I have fairly sensitive skin, so I only use it once a week or so, but it’s something I’ve consistently had in my bathroom cabinet for about three or four years now.

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