Little bit of luxury: Elemis and NEOM

It has been a bit of a hectic time lately for this beauty junkie. In the past five weeks I have viewed, bought and moved into my first flat with the boyfriend- and had a fortnight’s holiday in the middle of it all. Of course, a holiday doesn’t exactly sound all that stressful, but when you are trying to buy a house it is a pretty inconvenient time to be out of the country…

Anyway, I digress- back to beauty. In all the chaos of moving my usual beauty routines have somewhat fallen by the wayside, but now, having done the main hard work part I can now re-group and get myself back on track. To start the ball rolling I have been using a couple of gorgeous pampering treats in the wonderful surroundings of my brand new bathroom- which has the fabulous addition of a full-sized bath (something lacking in the previous flat).

Amongst the (embarrassingly large) box of beauty bits that I shifted from the old to new flat were the following:

Elemis Lime and Ginger Body Wash

I was sent this, along with a few other samples of Elemis products, by the PR people, who had spotted I hadn’t covered Elemis on my blog (guilty as charged). I have tried a couple of Elemis products in the past and never been overly enamoured with them, but since trying out the Lime and Ginger body wash I am in love. It feels so fresh and luxurious that I actually look forward to getting up in the mornings and using it. It also means that I am hiding it from the boyfriend as I don’t want him to use it all up. The main reason I love this is that I love, love, love the scent of lime (I also love the taste, but don’t suggest eating the body wash).

I was sent this a while ago but held of using it till I was moved as it came in a really pretty package of body wash and hand and body lotion with a wooden stand for the two bottles. This is now in pride of place in the shiny new bathroom (just out of reach of the showed for the b/f…). Have to say though, whilst I love the body wash, I don’t really find the lotion that moisturising.

With the body wash priced £18 for a bottle it is pretty expensive for a posh shower-gel, so I cant promise this is one I will re-purchase when the sample runs out. It may have to be on the list for Santa!

The other product I have been using is the rather swanky Neom Body Oil, which I was also sent as a sample after being approached on Twitter. This really feels like a decadent pampering treat, hot shower followed by slathering damp skin with oil that smells good enough to eat (again, don’t eat it).

I think oils are really under-rated as a beauty tool, I am addicted to my DHC Oil Cleanser (I reviewed this a while ago, to read it click HERE) and love the occasional hot oil for a pampering hair treat. Body oil, on the other hand, is not something I use regularly for the simple reason- that it is quite messy. This is an unavoidable side affect of using a body oil, but it is well worth it for the results- skin as soft as a babies bum.

Neom really is the ultimate in luxury oils, I also have a Boots Botanics Body Oil that I really don’t like as it feels like it just sits on the skin, but the NEOM one soaks straight in and leaves skin glowing. I have found this oil a God-send since coming back from holiday, as my skin was really dry post-sunbathing.

At £28 for 100ml the NEOM Body Oil is another expensive, luxury product – but, unlike the Elemis body wash, the NEOM Body Oil is likely to last a really long time- I have used some of my 100ml bottle about once a week for the month or so and it is barely noticeable that I have used it at all- there is so much left- a little really does go a long way when it comes to body oil, and the less you use- the less messy.


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