Christmas beauty gifts: favorites under £40

I love a Christmas gift set, there is just something really enticing about an eye shadow palette or a collection of products in a pretty box or generally anything that looks gorgeous. Yep, that’s right – I am a packaging magpie. So, recently I have been looking online to find my favorites, partly for the blog and partly to send up the chimney to Santa… I have kept all the prices under £40 and here are my top five:

Number 1: Urban Decay Book of Shadows II (£27 from

When I first saw this on the lovely Lipglossiping’s blog a few weeks ago and I was transfixed, and have been coveting it ever since (see her pictures to understand why HERE). I actually can’t really put my finger on why it was that I was so entranced with the colours, but they were just beautiful. As a more neutral make-up type of girl it surprised me that I was to taken by this palette, but the jewel-like turquoises really did fascinate me and I am really keen to try out, especially since by all accounts the texture and pigmentation of the shadows is really impressive. I hope to find out for myself soon… (please Santa, please!)

Number 2: Filofax Beauty Gift Box (£35 from

A little bit of a random combination of beauty and stationary – but I like it. The beauty box comes in three colours (pink, beige snakes skin, or the retro print ‘fresco’) and contains the most amazing girly version of a James Bond gadget ever – a pen with a perfume atomiser inside! Genius… it also contains one of those send-off-for vouchers for either a free hair cut or beauty treatment.

I am lucky enough to have been sent one of these fan-tabulous gift boxes already and truly think it’s a lovely idea. In fact I may very well have this in mind for a present for a certain honorary big sister friend (a new one, not the one I was sent – obviously)

Number 3: Diorshow Iconic Mascara Value Gift Set (£20 from

I love a bit of Dior, just to make me feel all glamorous and love this as a gift set. At only £20 I think this is really good value for a present and have already put this on on my list for the ‘rents (a.k.a. Santa). This is literally an iconic product – this gift would suit anyone from make-up virgins to slap junkies.

Number 4: Les Petales Voile de Rose Poudre Delicate – Pressed Powder Chantecaille (£27.40 from

Totally indulgent and totally gorgeous. It is so beautiful that I would probably be afraid to use it if I was lucky enough to find this is in my stocking. Seriously, look at it – how beautiful?!

Number 5: Nars Douveurs de Paris Palette (£37 from

There is something about the Nars eye shadows in palettes that makes me just want to reach out and touch them through a computer screen and this is the perfect example. I love the mix of shades between neutral brown day shades and deep, sexy, navy/blue/purple night shades for a gorgeous smokey eye. Gorgeous and luxurious – yet another perfect Christmas present and an ideal introduction for NARS newbies.

This post was inspired by a challenge from to put together a list of my five top beauty Christmas gifts. Who would have thought that the website best known for the fab 2-4-1 Pizza Express vouchers also lists beaut deals too… worth a look if you like a bargain.

In fact I just had a quick look on the site and found THIS code for 10% of Benefit Cosmetics, valid till 13th December.

**The small print**

Of all the products mentioned above, only the Filofax is a product that I have tried out, all of the others are just things that have caught my attention enough to make it onto my wish list.


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  1. December 9, 2009 / 11:18 pm

    ha.. i love christmas gifts set too~ i end up buying them for myself most the time=__= i already bought the diorshow set and i want the urban decay one~~

    the nars palette is so pretty.. tempting tempting~__~ xx

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