Healthy eating kick: Week One (and a bit)

So, as some of you may no I tweeted and blogged about the fact I was considering signing up to either Weight Watchers, or Slimming World. In the end I made the choice to go with Weight Watchers as I think it suits my needs far more – I’m not looking to lose tons of weight (a little might be nice) I just want to start being a bit healthier and conscious of what I’m eating.

So, I thought in the spirit of openness and over sharing I have decided I will do a regular blog about how it’s all going. I have signed up for a three month course with WW, and may or may not stick with it that long – depending how it goes, either way – I will report back.

So first off, some may think this isn’t totally beauty related – but it’s my blog so I can write what I want to, so there. Half joking, but seriously – this blog is about beauty and in my opinion, eating well and feeling good about yourself if all part of the package so I think it definitely falls into the beauty category.

I may or may not share my weigh in details each week, it depends how that all goes. The choice to possibly not share the weight details is because this is more about how difficult/easy/impossible/emotional or whatever I am finding WW to stick to – rather than a report of how much I weigh. As I said, losing weight isn’t my first priority.

Without further ado, how has the first week gone? Well, it’s been a week and a half technically and I actually made the choice not to bother weighing myself this week – whilst I get used to the points malarkey. Plus I did chose the worst possible week to start a healthy eating kick, as it was the boyfriend’s birthday last week and birthday’s to him = lots of food. So I tried to make the healthiest choices I could, but when he decided he wanted to go to an American themed crab shack where there is no such thing as a small portion, I knew WW was doomed.

So, birthday eating aside – the first week has gone well. I am definitely more conscious of what I am eating and haven’t had a packet of crisps since I started. Snacking at work was a bit of an issue for me, but I have changed this by only snacking on Ryvita or fruit. I have switched full-fat coke (mmm…) to diet (not so mmm…) which isn’t so great but I’ll survive. I’m generally trying to cut sugar out – so have snacked on sugar-free mints (not too many, side effects aren’t good).

Main meal wise, I’m feeling more motivated to cook – which is a good thing. Even when I was hope alone I made myself some vegi-pasta, no mean feat for the laziest cook in the world.

Do I feel better for it? Yep, I think so. It’s early days so not easy to tell. I find logging the food fairly easy – but some things (canape type things I ate at an event last night) are hard to record as I don’t know what they compare to, so it ends up being a bit of guess work.

It’s not hard to stick to, I just need to stay a bit disciplined and know that I can eat what I want – just maybe not as much. I’d like to say I’m not tempted by cake anymore but that would be a lie.

In other news – I’m going to be starting a fat-burning-challenge on the power plate in a week or so. Very excited to try it as I have heard exciting things and I will of course report back on this too. With any luck, I’ll have the body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel by May. Until then, I’ll just have unrealistic expectations instead.



  1. February 10, 2010 / 5:25 pm

    I’ll be following this with great interest. I lost loads on WW online a few years ago (it’s crept back on, sadly) and it really does work.

    I found the points system easy to follow, never felt like I was missing out or hungry except when out for dinner (and then I just had what I wanted and cut down the next day). But the problem I found was that I started becoming *that* diet girl and I was talking about it all the time. I couldn’t look at food (mine or someone else’s) without thinking about the points value. It got a bit irritating in the end! Perhaps blogging about it will get all that out your system? Or maybe you’re just not as self-involved as me to start with!

    I’m trying to be good again now (not counting points but cutting down on the bad stuff, cutting out alcohol where I can and getting more exercise – including the power plates thing too!) so I hope reading your stories will keep me motivated! x

  2. February 10, 2010 / 5:43 pm

    you soon get used to the taste of diet coke and actually start craving it over the full fat stuff!

    WW ready meals are yum, esp the bangers & mash =D xx

  3. Rosie
    February 10, 2010 / 10:40 pm

    I’m a SW addict.

    Good luck =D

  4. February 11, 2010 / 12:07 am

    I’ve sort of fallen off the wagon with my diet this week, but I will get back on track! I’m definately thinking more about what I cook and the portion size I make etc, which can’t be a bad thing!

    I’ve been drinking a lot more water, drinking a lot less tea, eating lot less sugar and a lot more fruit and veg – I can definately see the effects on my skin 🙂

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