L’Occitane Summer Secret Limited Edition Eau de Toilette

For some reason, L’Occitane has never really been a brand that has really caught my attention. There’s a L’Occitane shop in the N1 shopping centre, not too far from where I live and although I have walked past many times I have never really seen anything that has made me want to go inside.

But having been introduced to the brand at a press day a couple of months ago I discovered the Summer Secret Eau de Toilette and it really did grab me. This limited edition fragrance is an absolute burst of freshness and so perfect for Spring/Summer. Described as:

‘drawing inspiration from an aromatic herb bouquet freshly picked along the paths of Provence. A tonic fragrance where the lemony Verbena radiance is heightened by hints of green anise, basil and mint for capturing freshness.’

Personally, I pick up something citrus – reminding me of lemon sherbert in a way, fresh and citrussy but with something a little sweet in there too. This fragrance is the one I have been reaching for on a daily basis since coming back from holiday, despite having a few other new fragrances – this is the one I can’t help but want more of.

My only slightly complaint is that as it is an Eau de Toilette, it doesn’t last very long. So I find myself drenching myself in it to try and make it stick around (as the glass bottle isn’t really travel-friendly for re-applying) for at least half day, but it doesn’t really manage to. It lingers more if I spray onto clothes rather than skin.

Available to buy from July priced £34.

There is also a shower jelly, refreshing (lip) gloss, and moisturising body gel in the range priced from £7-17.50. I’m going to pick up the body gel I think – nothing like a bit of fragrance layering to make a smell stick around a bit longer!

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