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Following on from my review of the Boots Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self Tan Gel I have been using Unreal Body Bronze, tan enhancing moisturiser. I haven’t used a gradual tan for quite a while (sticking with fake tan and normal moisturiser instead, or just the moisturiser and no fake tan). This one has left me feeling quite impressed.

One reason being the thick texture. For some reason, I’m used to gradual fake tans being in quite light, liquid moisturisers rather than thick like the Unreal Body Bronze. But this is thick, and a little goes a long way. When I first applied it I thought that I’d use loads based on how thick it was, but when rubbed into skin it melts in so easily, it almost becomes lighter in texture when applied. A 10p sized blob was enough for my arms.

Colour wise, it’s subtle & natural which is great (but not great to try and photograph) I used it twice a day for a couple of days and then switched to every other day with normal moisturiser inbetween. I haven’t really been applying to my knees/elbows or ankles/feet because that’s where I find the ‘tell tale’ signs build up (no matter how much I exfoliate & prep the area!) but this is a personal choice thing rather than something you have to do if using this product.
So far I’m really impressed, Unreal Body Bronze wasn’t a brand I had heard off before but I’m now interested to check out other products from the range. 
A couple of interesting bits of info about the Unreal range…
– They use ecocert organic DHA
– The products are paraben and alcohol free
On a completely shallow note, I really like the simple packaging on the Unreal Body Bronze range! You can find out more about the range on the Unreal Body Bronze website. I’m really interested to try out the tanning gel (if it’s glitter free, that is!).
The Unreal Body Bronze Tan Enhancing Moisturiser is £15.25

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