Beautiful, beautiful Clarins…

Ah Clarins, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…
Ok, I’m not really going to countdown the ways in which I love Clarins – but I do. For me, the brand has a lot of heritage as it’s one my Mum absolutely adores so I feel like I’ve always trusted the brand on her recommendation. Then over the past few years the make-up has caught my attention more and more, whereas previously it was skincare I had had the most experience with. 
Well, if they wanted make-up to grab my attention then this is the way to go about it – check out the gorgeous palettes Clarins has out for Christmas as part of the ‘Passion’ collection…

Gorgeous little red velvet pouches to keep the pretty protected…

Sleek packaging with the signature ‘C’ on the ridge.


But of course we don’t judge books by covers, it’s about what’s inside too… the pretty golden palette with the 20’s style pattern is a gorgeous finishing powder….with a matching pattern to the exterior.

This palette truly is stunning, it’s beyond sturdy – it’s heavy enough that it could double as a very beautiful paperweight. The golden areas of the packaging are over spray and will go away with a few uses – leaving a gorgeous shimmering powder that leaves skin matte but with a glow. This palette would make an absolutely amazing Christmas present for any make-up fan I think!

There’s also the gorgeous eyeshadow quad – with four powder shadows and one silvery cream.  When I spotted this I was immediately drawn to the one on the bottom right – a purple/grey/taupe shade – my usual shade of choice. But when I swatched them, the one I loved the most was the warm pink/orange/rose-gold shade – it’s silky smooth and a really unusual colour that I think is really pretty.

I can see myself using the powder shadows more than the cream one as it’s a little bit glitter-full for my eyeshadow tastes – but I love the three powder shades. Even the black shade – I’m generally a bit wary of black powder shades as they can be chalky (or if they have shimmer, turn out black with chunks of glitter) and from looking at it in the pan I have to say that’s what I expected – but I was very wrong – it’s smooth with just a healthy bit of shimmer – lovely for a smokey eye!
Lets just have a look at the prettiness of the palettes one more time… gorgeous!

Do you have a brand out there that you trust because you grew up with someone using it? 

A quick google search and it looks like the Clarins Passion collection is currently reduced on (the face palette is currently £29.75 – reduced from £35)

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