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I’ve mentioned my love of Rodial’s Glam Balm before – it’s one of my skincare saviours. I love to use it as an overnight eye cream. It’s quite heavy so I don’t use it every night, but a couple of times a week and it keeps my under eye area feeling moisturised, which helps prevent fine lines from showing.

I also love to use Glam Balm as a hand cream or lip balm (again, both overnight) – Rodial must have been listening as they have now launched lip and hand cream versions of the famous Glam Balm and I have to say the lip balm has totally won me over. It has all the benefits of the regular Glam Balm but comes in a little pot, has a slight pink tint and is rose scented. But tint and scent aside, the main reason I love it is that it really does a great job of moisturising and helping lips to feel all plump and healthy.

I really managed to put it to the test earlier this month when my lips went really chapped. They always do this quite suddenly when the weather turns cold and normally it’s nothing but blistex that will sort it out – but this time I tried the Rodial Glam Balm Lip and it really sorted them out – plus my lips looked nice and glossy (instead of chapped and sore) whilst I had it on. Happy days.

I thought it might be helpful to include a shot of the ingredients list, for those of you who are interested:

Price-wise…for a lip balm it’s not cheap at £19 (for 10ml) – but it is less to shell out than the full sized tube of Glam Balm (£50 for 40ml).

Rodial Website LINK

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