My sale bargain…

Today I picked up a fragrance I have been wanting to own since I discovered it at an Estee Lauder event in June (has it been that long already, time flies…) Anyway, the new fragrance – ‘Sensuous Nude’ is the latest addition to the Estee Lauder ‘Sensuous’ family and I adored it from first sniff (you can read my initial thoughts here)

But I spotted this on reduced from £47 to £31 and had to buy it, since I have a few Boots vouchers and points to spend I decided to treat myself – unfortunately you can’t buy online with these so dragged myself to a store and found it there.

The gift set includes a 50ml perfume and a 5ml atomiser for carrying around in my handbag. The atomiser is nice, but feels a bit cheap and I can’t figure out if it’s possible to refill it or not…if you have any idea on this, let me know.

I’m trying to avoid the sales this year as I’m off to NY in a few weeks so wanting to save my pennies for that. Which is hard because the mindless consumer in me wants to buy stuff.

But despite that I am also really tempted by the Vera Wang Lovestruck gift set I also spotted today that’s half price… I do love a gift set after all.

Bought by me.


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