Dr Jart+ BB… a review

Back in June the Dr.Jart+ BB Beauty Balm range hit the UK and I shared my initial thoughts – now, after having tried each of the products in the range I wanted to give you a little update on my thoughts. Before I launch into my thoughts though it’s worth noting that this is very much just from my perspective and which of the products I liked for my skin type.

There are four BB products in the range, each for different skincare concerns/skin types – after giving them all a try I have decided that my favourite is definitely the Aqua Fuse version (the turquoise tube) in my opinion this is the one that feels the lightest and freshest to apply, lasts well but doesn’t get too shiny as the day goes on. Overall, that was my main niggle with the other three – they are more hydrating but I found it too much for my often oily t-zone. I can see how the more hydrating versions would be perfect for really de-hydrated or more mature skins to give them a moisture boost and a glow, but for me it just got a bit too much on the glowy/shiny side.
Overall – I love how fresh the Aqua Fuse feels and this will be coming away on holiday with me as it felt so refreshing and light. I have also been using this mixed with a little bit of foundation for a bit of extra coverage and staying power at the same time as making some of my preferred foundations a bit lighter for Summer.
If you’re still not quite convinced by the BB craze then I do suggest checking out Dr.Jart+ next time you spot it in Boots and see which one appeals to you. All the creams are good all rounders, you just need to find the one that suits you.

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