Ojon Volume Advance

I didn’t think it would be possible for a shampoo and conditioner to cause a minor row with my boyfriend… But when I discovered he had been using my Ojon Volume Advance I may have moved them to hide them from his use! Its not that I don’t want to share with him, more than happy to – but for him to use just the shampoo and to double it up as shower gel is such a waste of my current favourite shampoo & conditioner duo! Plus the OCD part of me likes to have a matching shampoo and conditioner, and he only uses the shampoo…


Why do I love this combo for my hair? Well, it’s one of the few that delivers the magic combination of volume and condition, at the same time – and leaves hair smelling amazing. It feels like my hair is genuinely thicker after using these two, even if I don’t bother with any styling products and just let it dry naturally.

At £18/19 a pop for each the conditioner and the shampoo it’s not a cheap combo – but I have very much come around to the idea that sticking with what works is worth the cash, rather than spending on styling products to correct the faults of a cheaper shampoo/conditioner, when you can have the results you want by using the right stuff in the first place.

What’s your view on hair care? Worth investing in or prefer your hair care cheap and cheerful?

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  1. September 4, 2012 / 11:56 am

    I think hair care is worth investing in, I can only use Philip Kingsley shampoo because of my sensitive scalp, it isn’t cheap but worth it.

    One question why is your boyfriend using it as shower gel? I would dump him for that

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