Lancome Teint Visionnaire: Review

This week Lancome have launched a new foundation – that brings together the best bits of their foundation and their skincare into one pretty impressive package. One of the things I like best about the foundation is that it’s actually a dual product – foundation in the bottle and concealer in the lid (with mirror). So whilst the bottle is slightly on the bulky side, it is a good on the go package as it has two products and a decent sized mirror all in the one package.

But packaging novelty aside…what’s it like!?

IMG_6415 IMG_6421 IMG_6424

I should add here that this sample was provided via the ‘VIP’ panel of testers – I applied via facebook and was sent the product over a month ago and have been using just this as my foundation for the last four weeks and feeding back my comments. But now the trial is over and I can talk about it, I wanted to share my thoughts/review on here!

First up, the texture is creamy – but easily blendable. Although you do want to work it into skin pretty quickly when you apply as it does settle after a while and then it has really great staying power (lasting for days at work with ease). The finish is sort of satin, not too shiny, but not totally matte either – shinier than velvet finish, but not sheeny. I do add a bit of setting powder before a day at work on the t-zone to prevent shine creeping in a little as the day goes on.

The main selling point of the foundation is that it has a multitude of skin care ingredients (the best bits of it’s Visionnaire range) to help skin with anti-ageing at the same time as creating a flawless look. I haven’t tried the Visionnaire range so can’t fully comment on how it feels compared to that, but I can vouch for how it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry at the end of the day – especially around the eye area – which is a problem I find with many foundations that are designed to last.

The concealer is quite a thick consistency – not the easiest to work with, but the thickness does lend itself well for lasting. It’s one that I’d happily use on spots or blemishes but wouldn’t put around my eye area as it feels too drying for that (although I would use to cover the slightly blue patches on the inner eye/side of nose bridge area). Looking at the swatches above I know it looks quite light and sheer, but I find that is more because it’s such a thick consistency it’s actually hard to pick lots of product up – which has its pluses and its minuses. It means you don’t cake it on, but it takes some time to work the product in (and layer it up enough for heavy coverage).

One of the questions asked in the VIP panel surveys was about how I felt the foundation was benefiting my skin when I wasn’t wearing it – I can’t say it had definite benefits when not wearing it but I can definitely say that my skin felt better at the end of the day after removing my make-up with this than it does with others. It felt more balanced – not dry, but not oily either. Something I feel very happy with!

I would say if (like me) you have Goldilocks tendencies with foundations (not to oily, not too dry… juuustttt right) then this is a great across the board foundation. Even if not bothered about anti-ageing yet, it’s a good base with added skincare. I would say if you’re testing this out, don’t judge it too quickly – it took me a month to really get a proper opinion on how it was effecting my skin whereas with foundations I’d normally be more of a first impressions kinda girl, giving this the proper time was really worth it!

FYI the shade I have been testing is 02 – I’m not sure by shade name what that correlates to as it doesn’t say on the bottle.

Lancome Teint Visionnaire is available now (launched this week) from Debenhams (RRP £36 – currently reduced to £32.40)

Sample provided for VIP survey panel testing.



  1. February 14, 2013 / 8:33 am

    I have blue bits on my nose too! (Never met anyone outside my family who does)

  2. Anitacska
    February 14, 2013 / 11:31 am

    I was in the VIP testing panel too! 🙂 Just planning on blogging about it myself. I agree with most of what you said, I found the concealaer to be awfully thick and settle into lines under my eyes, so I didn’t bother with it much, but I like the foundation a lot. I didn’t think it made much difference to my skin initially, but after 4 weeks my skin definitely looks better, I’ve not had any breakouts and my skin looks pretty good at the moment.

  3. kirstyb
    February 14, 2013 / 4:13 pm

    thanks for sharing – i love reading about new products x

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