Life’s little Rituals…

Rituals is a brand I’ve talked about on here a couple of times before, but only one I really realised the full extend of the brand’s offerings recently – there are Rituals products that you can use every step of the way morning to night…so that’s what I did!

I spent a whole day living a ‘day in the life of’ Rituals…and wanted to give a few of my favourites a little mention via a blog post, starting with fragrance (which, yep – I didn’t know they did fragrance either). This is Violet + White Lily, and first up the packaging is gorgeous – glass bottle, mirrored metallic label and wooden lid. Very dressing table worthy – and the fragrance is a fresh floral, not in your face like roses floral, lighter than that. Very wearable and much more modern smelling than I expect from traditional fragrances like Violet and White Lily.


IMG_6545 IMG_6544 IMG_6559 IMG_6632

Next up in my day of discovery of Rituals are a few other products across the range from the traditional bath/pampering products…to tea!

The handbag essentials:

The lip balm which is frankly an absolute God-send at the moment when my lips are drier than the Sahara. It’s a very simple, but very effective balm in the simple, easy to apply on the go tube.

Then there’s the multi-tasking Shimmer compact in Sunglow Pink five shades of shimmer that can be used individually or merged together – this is ideal for a during the day touch up, the pink for a touch of glowy blush, the white for a shimmery highlight and the bronze for an eyeshadow touch up all in one little compact.

Then there’s the Hammam Mint Tea:

I’m not a big tea drinker, because I always feel the need to add sugar or honey or another type of sweetener to it – so avoid to prevent total sugar overload. But this is gorgeous, it’s minty without being like a cup of steaming extra strong mints, it has a natural sweetness and is generally yummy. Plus mint is good if you have an upset stomach. Another product I didn’t know Rituals did…

Rituals Skincare:

I gave my skincare routine a Rituals overhaul too, with a couple of gems that I’ve kept in daily rotation since my ‘day in the life of’ – my favourites being the eye cream (might sound odd, but have taken to patting this around the eye area, after applying make-up to keep the eye area totally hydrated during the day), the moisture mask and the night cream – both gorgeous moisture boost products. Really creamy and rich and ideal for dry winter skin.

Bath time:

Wu Wei Calming Cream Bath, actually as I write this I have enjoyed a long relaxing bubble bath and this stuff really is gorgeous. Creamy and moisturising with more bubbles than I can shake a stick at (why I’d want to shake a stick at bubbles I don’t know…) For a full pampering experience I go for a hand full of the Himalaya Wisdom Scrub – which is much needed after a few months of being wrapped up under layers and layers of clothes! This stuff smells really good, but not quite as amazing as the Sakura Scrub which was one of the first ever products I tried from the brand and still a favourite of mine.

Home fragrance:

Last but by no means least is my absolute favourite discovery from my Rituals day: the candles – I knew they did home reed diffusers, but didn’t know they did candles – and they’re gorgeous! Not only do they smell good but they look gorgeous and they’re really reasonably priced at £16.50 – my new favourite home candles, far less guilt inducing than Diptyque or Jo Malone, but just as pretty (if not more so)!

Along with these favourites I’ve also learnt the range extends to bed linen sprays, stress roll-on products, deodorant, hair styling products… the list goes on and on! Best thing, it’s a lovely way to add a little touch of luxury to everyday life!

More Rituals info on the website

Rituals products provided as PR samples.



  1. February 12, 2013 / 8:21 am

    I love Rituals! I always walked passed that shop because I wasn’t interested enough but in the sales I went in there and fell in love! They have amazing products! 😀

    Great post!


  2. February 12, 2013 / 10:25 am

    I love the look of the candles on their website! It doesn’t say what they’re made of though, do you know?

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