Cloud Nine: Know Your Hair, Love You Hair

Earlier this week I was invited along to the Trevor Sorbie Salon in Hampstead (one of my favourite areas of London – so lovely, and like escaping the city) to find out more about the new Cloud Nine ‘Know Your Hair, Love Your Hair’ campaign – designed to educate more about what hair type you are and what this means when you use heat tools with adjustable heat settings. So you know what’s the best level for your hair to achieve the style you want.

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The event showcased a selection of the products from Cloud Nine – a brand I know best as the first and only challenger to the ghd for the all time ruler of the hair tools. I first tried their original irons back in 2009, the year I started my blog and that pair I have are still going strong. Then, and still now – the Cloud Nine tool wins major points for the addition of the temperature adjustment – something until then I’d never had on something so had always just gone ahead with the insane 200 degree heat causing all sorts of damage in the name of smoothness.

But beyond the straighteners – Cloud Nine have a number of other tools, ranging from the wand (that I’ve reviewed here) plus a tiny mini set of straighteners (cute!) a wide set, plus a micro wand for tighter curls and a large barrelled waver wand for looser waves.

Then of course there’s the absolute marvel that is ‘The O’ – hair curlers that amazingly heat up in this little magical pod, then the curlers are hot, but still cool to touch – if you squeeze them you can feel them heat up. Seriously – this thing is a marvel that I just can’t get my head around (hence the stupid baffled face in the bottom photo above as I play with it…)

At the event we were shown different looks for different styles and hair types – each identified using their new ‘Decision Tree‘ – six simple questions to identify your hair type, my result is ‘Linen Dream’, this new label for my hair also comes with instructions on what to do when using the heat tools. Even if you don’t currently use Cloud Nine tools it’s a clever little tool to get a better idea of how you should be approaching all hair tools plus some celeb influenced hair styles and tutorials.

I now have the Waver Wand to play with and create some looks with but for now I wanted to give you a little over view of the Decision Tree idea!

Waver Wand provided in goody bag.



  1. April 18, 2013 / 8:03 am

    I straighten my hair at about 160/170 – and I got ‘Angel Silk’ hair – which they recommend styling at 150-175.

    ‘With the right amount of tlc, your hair will be as smooth and luxurious as silk.
    But silk needs careful handling.
    We recommend regular conditioning (lighter weight conditioners that promise deep penetration).
    Your hair can stand moderate heat whilst styling, but always dry thoroughly first and avoid full power – your hair will be better behaved (for both sleek and hi-volume styles) if you exercise angelic restraint.’

  2. April 21, 2013 / 1:16 am

    I’m a black girl with natural hair (decided to go chemical free!!). Wondering if you could recommend any products that I could use to keep my hair protected when I want to straighten it with a heating tool?

  3. April 21, 2013 / 1:18 am

    What products do you recommend to use when using the heating tools? I’m really interested in products for black women with natural hair (not chemically treated). Do you have any thoughts?

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