Vaseline Bikram Yoga Challenge (Part 2)

I feel like I’m slightly at risk of turning this blog into a fitness blog at the moment with my yoga and boot camp updates. What can I say, I’m on a mission and determined to stop putting exercise and fitness last on my list in life (oh, and I have a holiday not too far away….eek!)


So, with that in mind it’s time for update two of my Bikram Yoga challenge. As I mentioned, I’m on somewhat of a fitness kick right now which has meant I have added in two new types of exercise to my routine (this is two more than normal) – one of which is bikram yoga.

Following what has felt like one of the longest winters in history (I may exaggerate slightly) the prospect of being warm whilst exercising appealed to me. What I underestimated was exactly how ‘warm’ this Bikram malarkey is. These classes are hot – the sort of hot that if you were on holiday and it was this warm all you would want to do is lie semi-comatose by a pool occasionally moving to sip on a cocktail. But that’s not exactly the point of Bikram, the point is that you work through the heat – now the movements flow, but aren’t fast, which I am very appreciative as in that sort of heat you feel like you need all the concentration to focus on maintaining your balance and at times I felt the heat made me a little dizzy. But the classes have felt like a fantastic combination with the boot camp, whilst the boot camp is helping me build muscle the Bikram yoga stretching session really helps avoid that knotted/bunched up muscle feeling – plus after cooling down post class there’s a real sense of feeling relaxed and refreshed.

When in these classes the other thing I noticed how dehydrated they make you feel as you’re getting a serious sweat on so water is a must. I’ve been taking my trusty Sweaty Betty water bottle with me and find myself polishing it off before the end of the class then following the class by glugging my way through at least one more.

I was set this Bikram yoga challenge by Vaseline, with the idea being that I use their products along side the classes to see how they feel. In my intro post I promised a run down of each of the textures, so the pic above includes little swatches of each of them and my thoughts on each are below:

Aloe Fresh Hydrating Body Gel: This was my original love from the Aloe Fresh range as it’s the one I’ve tried and loved in the past. The texture is a transparent gel and is the most cooling and refreshing of all the textures.

Aloe Fresh Lip Therapy: The familiar petroleum jelly lip balm, with the aloe fresh twist. I much prefer this to the original version – it feels lighter and is just that bit more pleasant to use.

Aloe Fresh Light Feeling Lotion: The creamier version body moisturiser, still very light feeling and fresh but that bit more moisturising rather than refreshing.

Aloe Fresh Healthy Hands +UV Protection: The thickest of the bunch, this is a fab daytime hand cream firstly for the inclusion of the SPF protection which is easy to forget on the hands and secondly because it has the fresh feeling and absorbs really quickly leaving hands hydrated but not coated so you’re not going to leave hand prints all over the place or have any awkward sweaty-palm like moments if you shake someones hands after applying.

For post exercise use the Body Gel remains my most loved from the range – it always feels like it takes ages to cool down after a class, even post shower and this one feels like it speeds the process us. But the Light Feeling Lotion is the better product for dry skin and make it feel much smoother (my shins need this as they’re constantly like the Sahara. Compared to other creams the gel and the lotion hydrate and make skin softer without feeling like the product is just sitting on top of the skin.

The hand cream is my new desk buddy for applying when at work! The Lip Therapy is probably my least-loved of the bunch, but that’s purely down to me being a fuss-pot when it comes to lip balm – I tend to like ones with a hint of colour in them too!

I’ll still be doing my fitness mission for the next couple of weeks to keep checking back for more updates – also welcome any suggestions for other types of exercise to try out. I’m thinking of going to do a combo of more yoga plus spinning classes…any other ideas welcome as keen to keep mixing things up to keep this fitness malarkey interesting!

For more information on the Vaseline Aloe Fresh range you can visit the Vaseline Facebook Page.

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  1. April 16, 2013 / 7:03 pm

    I love the new Vaseline spray and go moisturizer in the aloe and fresh sent….so yummy

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