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How do you like your coffee? Me – I like it to smells like a fresh Starbucks (or better) but instead of taking the mandatory instagram snap and sipping from a white cup is safely esconsed in a chunky glass jar until being scooped out and rubbed all over!

coffee body scrub

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That’s not some sort of kinky coffee-related fantasy, I promise – I’m not really a daily coffee drinker at all but I have always adored the smell so this Fig+Yarrow Cardamom and Coffee Scrub instantly appeals. It really does smell like it’s a giant pot of coffee granules with the odd cardamom pod littered through it. But it’s actually a really lovely, really indulgent feeling body scrub – that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth but without feeling like it’s been abused or scratched as some harsh scrubs can do.

Seriously, if you like the scent of coffee – then this will be right up your street. For me this scrub is perfect for three things – one, it looks good in the bathroom. I know, hardly an essential quality for a scrub or any beauty product, but certainly doesn’t hurt. It’s one I like to have ‘on display’. Two – it’s fab for a good wake up call in the morning. Coffee drinker or not, there is something about the smell of fresh coffee that awakens the senses and this has the same sort of effect. Feeling sluggish? A good whiff of this and a scrub down in the shower in the morning will put a little more spring in your step.

Lastly, it’s a great detox scrub – so if you’re looking for a little extra boost whilst getting your ‘Summer body’ ready (actually not a fan of that term, but you know – the idea of showing a bit more skin when the weather perks up) then this is great. I think exfoliation is second only to an amazing moisturiser in terms of getting skin looking it’s best (in fact, exfoliation should be number one as no point moisturising dead skin cells – slough them off and then layer on your favourite body hydrating wonder).

As a little heads up, the scrub does contain oils, which leave your skin feeling amazing – but not as the perfect canvas if you want to apply fake tan. This is one of the first things I like to check ingredients wise with scrubs – so I know if it falls into the ‘pampering’ or ‘tan prep’ category of scrubs – this is a pampering one, but with the added bonus that it really feels like it’s ‘doing something’ good for you.

Another tiny little heads up – don’t use straight after you celan the bathroom or if you have OCD clean tendencies as it does result in little black coffee granules all over the place. They do rinse away easily though! But it is a messy scrub-job when in use!

This is just the beginning of a Fig+Yarrow obsession I think – having a little browse of Cult Beauty and have already added three products to my beauty lust list…!

Fig+Yarrow Cardamom+Coffee Body Scrub is £31 (454g) via Cult Beautyicon

(A nice little touch is that some of the range is available in smaller sachet versions if you want to try a smaller amount before committing to the big pot)

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  1. May 20, 2013 / 8:47 am

    This sounds really exciting! I also don’t drink coffee and I want to try this!

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  2. May 20, 2013 / 9:04 am

    I think I may well end up going for a sample size of this because it sounds utterly divine!

  3. May 20, 2013 / 7:33 pm

    I’m not a massive coffee drinker but this sounds lovely on the skin 🙂 if I can get past the smell I may give it a whirl 😀 xx

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