BC Fibre Force Hair Treatment

A few weeks ago I headed to Mahogany Salon in Mayfair, a stones throw from Vogue house for a Schwarzkopf BC Fibre Force Hair Treatment. The treatment is designed to heal and repair hair to bring it back to healthy vitality and generally into a good place again.

My hair does tend to head towards limp-ville when I’ve not been taking care of it quite enough – which has happened over the months I’ve been going to Barry’s Bootcamp – tending to blast hair dry on the highest heat to get ready as quick as possible. Can leave my hair feeling a little on the frazzled side. So I was excited to get my hair feeling good again.

mahogany salon

before and duringhair treatment duringfibre force after treatment collagehair treatment after 3

As you can see from the before, my hair was limp, lifeless and generally ‘blah’ – I wish there was actually a hair category for ‘blah’ hair, if there was mine would be firmly in it.

The process of the treatment is to basically paint on the product – sit under the heat thing (thing that looks like a space ship) and allow it to absorb into hair and develop. Then it’s followed by a wash and AMAZING head massage. Isn’t the head massage the best part of getting your hair done?! I swear there’s nothing more relaxing than having your head massaged.

Then my hair was blow dried – I asked for volume and a bit of movement, but not too pouffy. I was really happy with the final result – the blow dry was just what I asked for and beyond that. The way my hair felt was so much healthier – the next day, when the blow dry had dropped down my hair still felt like it had more vitality than it had before the treatment and after a few washes it was still feeling good.

As far as this goes as a treatment – I would say it would be great either pre or post holiday to prepare for or recover from the sun/sea/sand battering. Or alternatively if you’re preparing for a special event and want your hair to naturally feel like it’s at it’s best – this is a quick and easy way to get it into good condition. This will be one of the essential treatments that I would like to put on my ‘pre-wedding’ beauty essentials list!

For more information on Mahogany Hair you can visit the website.

I was a guest of Mahogany for the treatment.



  1. June 29, 2013 / 8:38 am

    Wow! such a huge difference…I want to try it!!

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    Hi There,

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