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All round beauty wise, I have been getting into a bit of a routine lately – where I find products I love in my testing process and then stick with it for ages. The blogger in me feels I need to mix things up, but the slightly more rational part of me likes that I’m sticking to what I like and actually using whole products up (and even repurchasing the favourites).

Lately on the hair styling front I’ve been loving this line up of six little flat-hair styling favourites so they deserve a bit of a run down of what they are and why I love them…



Starting from left to right:

Mark Hill Sun, Sea, Frizz-Free Anti-Humidity Spray – Ok, so my life is lacking the sun and the sea, but London has definitely got the humidity lately. Even when it’s not that warm, there’s a definite humid feeling to things and this spray has been great for keeping things smooth and preventing the frizz turning into static on my fine hair.

Bed Head Small Talk* – there are two reasons I love this, firstly the smell. It’s sweet and really lasts in the hair and smells good enough to eat. The secondly, I like how one small pump of this really does help plump up my hair a bit to give it more volume and body – really easily. I have given this one a full review that you can read HERE.

John Frieda Fine to Full Blow Out Spray *- One of two Luxurious Volume products from this John Frieda range. This is one that I use for an all-over ‘oomph’ to hair, to give it a bit more grip and volume. Then there’s the Root Boost (end of the line on the right) that I’ve been using daily with the Bed Head for easy root lift. I have already reviewed these two individually and you can read more about them HERE.

BC Oil Miracle Volume Amplifier* – I love it when a product surprises me and this one did. Firstly it’s a product that contains oil, generally a bit of a no-no for fine hair as it can really weigh things down. But this comes in the form of a shimmering golden cream. It manages to give hair a bit of body, whilst not weighing it down and leaving it feeling silky smooth all at the same time. The only word of warning with this is that it leaves a lot of shimmer on your palms when you apply – don’t do this before applying moisturiser to your face or else you will be a tad on the shimmer-face side.

Osis Blow +Go Spray* – Another little wonder that I’ve really fallen for, it gives volume and it also reduces drying time. Again, one I’ve given the full-review treatment so you can read more about it HERE. But this is just a little reminder of how much I like it!

So there we have the six little hair styling treats that I’m loving on a daily basis at the moment!

*PR sample



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